Rinzy Reviews Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

I got around to watch the sequel to 2014’s very successful movie. One important thing to note about this sequel is that its so funny that it comes across as unrealistic; something the original prided itself in.

GOTG 2 Poster

I should announce here, spoilers abound below. If you haven’t watched the movie you can go off now.

Meanwhile, you can check out an excerpt of an episode of my Twitter film thread featuring this movie, here

Let’s go on!

It didn’t take long for me to figure out the central theme for this movie is family.

Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star Lord) continues to lead his band of misfits around the galaxy. On a job for The Sovereigns, a genetically perfect breed ruled by Princess Ayesha, Rocket steals from them, giving the aforenamed princess the motivation to hunt them down throughout the movie. The first attack from Ayesha’s remote controlled fleet leads Peter and his teammates into the hands of Ego the living planet, Peter’s father.

The Guardians: Gamora, Nebula, Peter and Drax

After years of thinking he was unwanted, Peter finally got to meet his father (played by Kurt Russell), who happens to be one of many powerful entities called The Celestials. Bad thing was he wasn’t what Peter expected.

I know in the comics Ego is a bad guy and all, he even killed Peter’s mom there; talk about someone that’s really evil. What I didn’t like was the movie’s extreme faithfulness to the source material. It was too predictable.

GOTG prides its as a fantasy SciFi deeply embedded in comedy. So, I hope to base most of my review around its comedy.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is funny. Not to contradict what I said earlier on in this review; it’s that the standard set by the first movie was just too high and director, James Gunn, put too much effort into making this sequel a better one. He forgot one important rule, less is sometimes better.

I thoroughly enjoyed Yondu in this movie. His character took a huge turn from the annoying persona he was in the first movie; his comedy was on point, everything was perfect, even till the very end. Goodbye Yondu.


Another character who was funny as hell was the one with the least number of words: I am Groot. The baby hero was just too adorable, he stole every scene he was in, which says a lot. Baby Groot was a whole new character with the same kind of beautiful spirit that made adult Groot adorable in the first movie.

Baby Groot Dancing

Brings me to the last person I want to talk about – Drax. Dave Bautista’s character got me wondering how much was too much in terms of comedy. Just like Groot, Drax changed since the last movie. I don’t really know what director, James Gunn, had in mind, but laughing unnecessarily at almost every mundane thing said isn’t a good way to resonate laughter within the audience.

Another thing I did like very much about this movie was Yondu’s emotional sacrifice to save Peter.

“He may have been your father, boy; but he wasn’t your daddy.” – Yondu to Peter Quill.

This was a very emotions scene, and its side to see this special kind of blue monster die. Ironically, it took Ego to show up for Peter to realize Yondu was the father he always had but never appreciated. So sad.

PS: It was nice to see Sylvester Stallone in space.

GOTG 2 did set up tiny plots for The Avengers: Infinity War, where the mighty Thanos is expected to show up in all his glory and battle earth and the galaxy’s mightiest heroes. Nebula, is more than eager to help troubled girls around the world find peace by killing Thanos: time will fell how this goes.

I enjoyed this movie, far more emotional than the first one because of the sentimental concept of family further introduced as a theme. 

PS: Someone should tell Gamora and Peter to go get a room ASAP.


Teen Wolf Is Unrealistic This Final Season

The producers of MTV’s Teen Wolf choose to mtake a supernatural show and turn it realistic. This isn’t going as fine as it might have on paper. Teen Wolf is officially a shadow of its former self – lost in the shadow of its former glories, the good old days of the mighty true alpha, Scott McCall and his crew.

In the realm of fantasy, there’s a limit to what is acceptable and what isn’t; this season 6B, Teen Wolf flutters the border of that line very much and it’s bad.

Take the new school counsellor for example (whatever her name is)… her role in this season’s quest is the height of unrealism. 

  • How does a counsellor get to turn students into killers, and the school authority doesn’t get to know?
  • How does she challenge the FBI without repercusuon?
  • How is it that she’s so fierce and annoying in every scene she appears?

I’m very much confused.

I also wondered how Gerald was free again, until I did my research. You can read up here.

How American Horror Story: Cult Premiere Looks

It’s another year, people. Ryan Murphy’s hit adrenaline pumping show is back for a seventh season. AHS: Cult is centered almost entirely round the historic election of Donald Trump as the POTUS. Was the season premiere a good watch? I’ll say decent.

The anthology series has a track record of success in terms of storytelling and production, I have no doubt this season will be a hit just like its predecessors; but also like its predecessors, the first episode reveals little, enough to get us salivating and wanting more, but less to still shroud the season’s mystery and mythology in the right amount of secrecy.

I must say I felt real scared in some scenes; especially the scenes that had to do with Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally, interaction with those clowns. Ally suffers from both agoraphobia and coulrophobia.

Sarah Paulson’s Ally.

Evan Peter’s Kia Anderson is another character to look out for: he’s weird and all, especially in his interactions with Billie Lord’s Winter Anderson.
This season is going to be a wonderful one; I look forward to many more scares.

Who noticed Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf and Arrow? He was the blonde haired detective that appeared towards the end of the episode.

What do you think?

Power Season 4 Finale Review

I rate it a 5/5.

I blame myself for the late view, but it was totally worth it. Suffice it enough for me to say, watching this season finale kept me on my feet, more excited than Game of Thrones‘ season 7 finale.

Just for fun

Now to the actions. So much happened in this episode; a lot to get excited over. Check out my previous article on how Raina’s death would affect the family she left behind.
Picking up almost immediately where the penultimate episode of the season left, Tariq, Tasha and Jamie sit through a police interrogation on Raina’s murder. Tariq keeps up with his well perfected rule of ‘no snitching’ claiming he doesn’t know who killed his sister, even though we know its corrupt officer, Detective Jones, a.k.a. Ray-Ray.

Tasha and Jamie process their grief well enough to move on with their quest to avenge their daughter. Though they suspect the Jimenez cartel, they’re soon proven to be wrong when Tommy and Ghost go on revenge mission 1; the second thing they discovered from that outing was that Julio’s death was caused by Dre.

Ghost is on a mission on behalf of him and tasha to seek closure for their family; Tariq’s on his own path to redeeming his twin’s memory (I was surprised at this revelation); Tommy ever the good uncle, relegated his little beef with Ghost to seek closure for Raina too. Who would have thought a Raina-centric episode would be so interesting?

In all the running around and all, Tasha got Angela more involved than she should have, which going into season 5 would have dire consequences for her. Tariq stole Tasha’s gun from her safe and slipped out of a house full of sympathizing friends and family to go clip Ray-Ray. Tasha runs to Angela to help clone and track Tariq’s phone. Angie takes the opportunity to issue quality advice to Tasha, 

“If James gets caught killing Ray-Ray, he’ll certainly get the death penalty,” Angela tells Tasha.

Apparently that advice would have been more useful if Kanan had added it to Tariq’s curriculum. Who murders someone using a registered gun? Common, people!

Tariq russling Dre for Ray-Ray’s location – This particular scene showed that whatever loyalt/friendship Dre has with anyone gives way for his ambitions.

I enjoyed the sequence of arrival at the hotel: Tariq, Ghost, Tommy and then Tasha; the choreography here was intense. I was on edge.

As expected, Tommy emptied bullets into his Ray-Ray. Luckily for him, he had adults who cared enough to help clean up his mess. He and his mom finally got a chance to bond better after seasons of been at war. If what it took for them to talk with ease was for a bad cop to die, let  Power keep killing bad people weekly.

The only problem, which would lead into an intense season 5 is that, Tommy to take out a bullet in the wall; as Angela commented, running ballistics on it would give all the necessary info. It seens Tasha knows this is a possibilty and had to sacrifice love with Terry for Job with T.

Another plot thread that’ll make season 5 an interesting watch is the rise of Dre. Dre started out as a villain, switched to the side of hero (or antihero, as you may look at it), and now, full blown villain. He killed one minor character who was extremely likeable (I liked the drug-peddling priest).

Power heads into its fifth season and shows no sign of slowing down. I really enjoyed this season.

Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

How Is Gerald Argent Back On Teen Wolf?

For those fans of Teen Wolf who can’t rememeber how Gerald Argent got back on his feet and is wrecking havoc once again in Beacon Hills, Rinzy is here to help out.

Back in the early days of Teen Wold, when we met Gerald, season 2 to be exact, he was a ruthless, manipulative man. He wanted the bite of an alpha to defeat cancer, but was outsmarted by Scott McCall, which resulted in him having black blood ooze from all orifice of his body.

Gerard Argent

Gerald remained at a special home, up until season 5, when his son, Chris, provided him with a special plant, a yellow wolfsbane. This healed his cancer and restores him back to his human default. And after his assistance defeating the dread doctors, he fadd away, until this season.

There you have it. Hope this helped? Tell me in the comment box below.

Genius Season 2 Will Star Antonio Banderas

National Geographic channel’s major hit for 2017, Genius, returns for another season, which comes as no surprise, seeing that the show raked in 10 Emmy nominations for its first season. For its sophomore year, Genius, will be taking a bow away from the maddening world of sceince as could be seen in the life and times of Albert Einstein as played by veteran Geofrey Rush.

Genius’s sexond season instead will focus on the arts, the life and times of Picasso, and he’ll be played by Antonio Banderas.

Anthonio Banderas with a moustache

Anthonio talked about his excitement playing the role,

“The life story of Pablo Picasso has long since fascinated me and I have so much respect for this man, who also comes from my birthplace Málaga. I am thrilled to work with National Geographic, Brian, Ron, Ken and the rest of the ‘Genius’ team to tell an authentic story of one of the most innovative painters in the world.”

Anthonio Banderas is a movie veteran, well known for action movies played over the years – Desperado, The Mask of Zorro, Spy Kids, and more recently, The Expendables franchise – he’s quite good at what he does. The role of Picasso, the painter, would give him a stage to showcase another side of his acting chops.

Genius season 2 has no premiere date yet.

Arrow Season 6 Will Feature Deathstroke’s Backstory

Deathstroke, as played by Manu Bennett, remains the one of the best villains of the CW’s hit show, Arrow; contested heavily by Prometheus.

With Oliver Queen’s personal journey into the Green Arrow ended with season five, the storytelling takes a different format, more time to be focused on supporting characters.

Deathstroke was brought into Team Arrow as a necessary evil to ensure the defeat of evil master planner, Prometheus; giving him the opportunity to return to the show’s narrative after a substantial absence.

Reports from showrunner, Marc Guggenheim, revealed that Deathstroke gets his own two episode story arc, episodes 5 & 6 of the new season to further dive into what made the man we know as Slade Wilson. I expect this would be tales prior to his arrival at Lian Yu – his personal life, military training, and he events that led to his arrival on the island with Billy Wintergreen.

Marc revealed also that a Deathstroke episode arc would have long been featured on the show but was shelved to make room for DC’s Extended universe (their version of the MCU), and now, since the DCEU didn’t seem to need the character anymore, the Arrowverse was free to make use of him once again.

Arrow season 6 premieres on October 12, at 9 P.M., on the The CW.

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