Game of Thrones: What the future holds for Jon Snow.

If by now you haven’t yet caught up with GOT s07e05: East watch, I advise you stop reading. This is a SPOILER alert!


This episode didn’t contain much action (or any, save for the near-termination of House Tarly by Drogon’s fire), but it had plenty of explosive revelations. 

Those familiar with Game of Thrones terminologies understand that whoever has the surname, Snow, wears it as a mark of dishonour – a taint of your father’s desecration of his matrimonial vows. Snow is the North’s announcement for a bastard. Jon Snow our titular hero, the man who rose from nothing to everything even though he was a bastard, was revealed to not be a bastard after all. 

The above piece of information was the last piece of useful information The Citadel revealed to us before ending its tenure as a location on the show for the time being. What this means is that, Jon, whose father is Rhaegar Targayrean, has a legitimate claim to the throne just as Dany does. This complicates things future for the odd power couple. Yes! I said couple. If you didn’t notice the full blow attraction Dany was felt when Jon and Drogon connected, then you need a pair of glasses. Drogon was the first to validate Jon’s dragon blood when it psychically bonded with Jon to the surprise of its mother.

Jon and Drogon

Do you think Daenarys would buy  lightly the idea that Jon is her nephew? – I think she’ll have no interest to fight Jon for the Iron Throne, because by the time this revelation comes out, The Night King would have already crossed The Wall.

What then is the way forward? Would Jon Snow be interested in sitting on The Iron Throne? – If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that Jon is more concerned with protecting the living; every single person who draws breath. He has bigger things on his plate to worry about ruling The Seven Kingdoms. His thoughts should be tailored more towards surviving The Long Night.

The penultimate episode of the season is already upon us – A big battle is on the horizon for next week. Of our band of seven merry men not all will return – alive.

The Justice League of the Living

Who do you think will die next episode? Tell us in the comment box below.


Power: Why is Tariq so annoying?

Having children on TV shows is hard. Having children on TV shows with strong adult content is more difficult

The above is the reason my conscience wants to give for Tariq St. Patrick’s annoyance. I want to say it’s the lack of chance to develop this character into something more substantial that gives way to him being utterly annoying. I think it would have been better he remained irrelevant to the plot like his sister, Raina; or nonexistent to the story like the last child of the family without a name. Any of these options would have been better than what we have. What makes it worse is the painful realisation that the actor (Michael Rainey Jnr.) is known for consistently playing the annoying child’s role in his movies (checkout the recent Barber’s shop movie).

Tariq and Tommy

I admit Jamie and Tasha aren’t the world’s best parents: they’re almost never around (especially Jamie), and when they are they’re too invested in their own problems to remember they have kids in their formative years around (this one’s for Tasha). But there are children who made it in life with half baked parents or non at all. The shortcomings of one’s parent should be the decisive factor to go down the drain, something his junior sister, Raina gets very well.

Popularity poll wishes Tariq dead, which is a strong thing to wish a kid.

What do you think? Is Tariq’s character OK by you, or do yo think Starz’s Power will be better off without him? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Quiz: GOT s07e04 – The Spoils of War


Answer this 5 simple questions as correctly as you can and win something from RR today!

1. How many people did Drogon burn to death in this episode?
2. Did Jaime die at the end of the episode?
3. Why were Viserion and Rheagal missing from action?
4. On what was the leaked version available for download?
5. Who do you think is the most fucked up of the Stark children?

Bonus: Which other episode(s) of the series have gotten leaked before?

Trailer Alert: Narcos Season 3

Click here to watch.

It’s been a long wait since the final days of Columbian druglord, Pablo Escobar on Netflix; finally, we have the trailer for the new season here.

This season will feature the biggest threat since Escobar’s demise – The Cali cartel.

Narcos season 3 airs Sept. 1; all episode will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Power: What will Ghost do to Dre now that he…?

Power is one of the best TV shows on air at the moment. It may not be on the same par with Game of Thrones, but on its level – the street OG – it’s KING! More often than none we hear people compare Power to Empire because both comprise mainly black characters and actors, but it tell you today – Empire is no Power, and it never will be.

Power s04e6 had a lot of positive sides to it – we got to see Ghost again outside the prison, a reunion of some sort between Ghost and Kanan, the death of Jukebox, and many more. The highlight of the episode to me was the death of Julio, and everything that led to it.


Dre has been around since season two. He started out as a causality of Kanan’s quest for revenge against Ghost. But Ghost saw the need to make something better out of this young man with a daughter, and he took the chance. Ghost turned Dre’s life around. So you ask, why did Dre betray Ghost by killing Julio?

Dre and Ghost

The thing there’s that, Dre didn’t necessarily betray Ghost; or at least, that’s how he sees it. Ever since Dre unwittingly got back into Kanan’s employ, to protect both his daughter and Tariq (Ghost’s son), he’s been facing strict competition over who Tommy trusts the most – him or Julio. Naturally, tha’s an easy choice as Julio has been with the gang  since the start of the series. This didn’t go down well with Dre as we realize he’s an ambitious young man who wants to become the better version of Ghost – hosting both the legit and the street life.

His popular quote, “I want to look legit, but not be legit.” Easily comes to mind.

Things get complicated now for Dre should Ghost find out what he’s done. I definitely know what Tommy will do if he finds out, it’s Ghost that I can’t say for sure. The sensible thing to do is to kill him – cut out the cancer before it spreads. With a young man this ambitious around you, your empire isn’t safe.

Will Ghost do the necessary thing?

Will Tommy step in to help his friend should the time come?

Will the secret of what Dre did ever come out?

These and many more are questions we should be asking. Until they are answered, we stay glued to our screens.

Power airs Sundays on Starz network.

TV Review: Teen Wolf (S06 E11)

Rinzy rates it a B!

The final set of episodes for Teen Wolf has began! After 6 years we say goodbye to the supernatural works of Beacon Hills for good (… or for now)
After the adventure with the Ghostriders, there seemed to be no dangling plot on the show worthy to expand upon; understandably, this brought about some sort of confusion/intrigue on what to expect. But trust Teen Wolf to surprise we the viewers.

Whatever the theme is this year appears to be a repercussion of our teens interfering with the wild hunt of the Ghost riders – they let something out.

For years on the show we’ve only had one Hellhound – Parish; and now we’ve got a new one, who happens to be more in tune with his powers than Parish. After creeping about the first 30 minutesof the episode, this new guy got to fight and ddefeat our hero, and almost Liam. Our villain (for now) appears to be searching for someone the wild hunt couldn’t keep, as evident from his dialogue with Liam.

“It won’t stay hidden. It must be stopped. Nothing else matters.” Those were his exact words.


Lydia with her Banshee powers gets a premonition that gives her (and us) better insight into the first plot of the year.

When the squad returned from the other side (where the Ghost riders kept them), they brought back something with them; something they think only the new Hellhound can send out.

Then there’s the creepy new counsellor of the school. At first, she seemed too inquisitive; not too long later, she appeared creepy. Finally, she came about as scarry. Our sexy new counsellor surprised us when she appeared to have ties to the hunters, and killed the new Hellhound… We’ll let time better sort out that plot.

This episode wasn’t funny, and I want to believe it’s because Stiles wasn’t in the bulk of it. I felt Malia gave lines that seemed forced. She tried too hard to be funny.

Added bonus: We get to see, or should I say perceive, Derek Hale again. At the FBI academy where Stiles currently hopes to start his future, the introductory class they have contains  a video footage of Derek running in the woods (from season 1). And when Stiles asks why he’s on the footage, he’s told Creek is wanted for mass murder. I think the FBI opened an investigation into the Hale family’s arson case we the viewers knew was caused by Peter Hale (Derek’s uncle). 

We’re off to a good start, let’s see how this final season goes.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays on MTV.

The Best Movie Trailers From SDCC 2017 

The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2017 had come and gone. With 4 days of explosive gigs surrounding the release of movies and TV shows, this annual event sees the massive release of trailers for anticipated and surprise shows and movies – the latter of which I’ll share with you.

I’ve watched almost every trailer released, and here’s a list for my top picks. 

This is Rinzy’s best trailers from SDCC 2017 #SDCC2017.

1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The first installment (The Secret Service) was a surprise hit for 2014, causing this sequel to be hotly anticipated. Thankfully, the trailer didn’t disappoint – I enjoyed every hit of it. What could go wrong with Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, and other  wonderful new additions to the franchise?

RR rates it 4.5/5


2. Thor: Ragnarok

The son of Odin returns for the last adventure in his trilogy. After the mixed review for Dark World, Marvel was in a tight corner to make this work seen as Thor’s very integral to the story the MCU hopes to tell. Luckily for them, the trailer didn’t disappoint. A lighthearted movie which features The Incredible Hulk – what could go wrong? Even without Mjonir (Thor’s hammer), we’re in for a treat.

RR rates it 4/5

3. Bright

The most surprising to make this list – Netflix continues to break through borders with their innovative spirit. Bright is a cop movie which feels like a blend between Men in Black and Star Trek, features Will Smith as its lead. Netflix has my attention, what they do with it depends on how well they execute this movie.

RR rates it 4/5

4. Justice League

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to see the Justice League in live media. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait till I was frail to gave my wish granted. JL will certainly be the talk of town upon its release in November. Wonder Woman’s success does well to rub off on all the other DCEU properties – Let’s see how it goes.

RR rates it 4/5

Justice League

That’s my list. Which movie do you strongly anticipate? Tell me in the comment box below.

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