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​Rinzy Reviews ‘The Shape of Water’ (2017).

There are weird movies and there is this one treading unfamiliar terrains. 
A beautifully crafted romantic movie, with a love story that’s sure to touch hearts 💕 of lovers of the genre; only this isn’t a regular love story – it’s a very unusual one. 

A mute woman connects with a thing/monster/beast/amphibian?  All these titles seem to be taken, so we’ll just call it water-thing, 🙄.

 Director Guillermo del Toro delights in taking the most awkward of story plots and transforming them into something captivating – remember Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth? 😋

The film boasts an impressive cast with Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones, Michael Stuhlbarg and Octavia Spencer, so the acting is almost always topnotch, 👍, throughout its run. 

Watching this movie wasn’t all rosy, at least for me. I must say I felt uncomfortable watching a human make out with a water-thing, because call it whatever sweet name that comes to your head, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a form of bestiality, 🤢. Scenes like when beauty and the beast do-the-deed in the bathroom seriously flooded with water or the time Elisa describes to her friend Zelda how she now spends her night terribly upset me. I admit I don’t have tolerance for such yet, and honestly, I hope I don’t.

On another rosy note, lead Sally Hawkins’ performance as mute woman Elisa is breathtaking, out of this world, extremely believable and impossible not to love, 😍. Doug Jones’ outing as the water-thing is also impressive and impossible to not love. Michael Shannon is a screen-god and should be cherished, 😍😍. I enjoyed every moment of screentime his beautifully crafted villain got. 

In all, Del Toro does give us a beautiful movie, one viewers can easily fall in love with and only worry about where they stand with a beast and man relationship after the movie is done, 👏 👏 👏. 

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Rinzy Reviews ‘Bright’

I finally got to watch Netflix’s ambitious $90m movie critically panned by critics but loves by audience and I’m like, WHAT!  😱. What are they saying? What did the audience see that renowned critics didn’t? 🤔… I’ll never know. What I do know is what I thought 20, 40 and 80 minutes into the movie, 😁.

For the most part, ‘Bright’ works with whatever it sets out to be – an urban fantasy action crime drama about two police men running round, trying to protect a magic wand from the whole town (🚨 👬 🖊🏃 🏃)… I know, I know, it sounds silly 😂, but for the most part it doesn’t really appear silly watching it. 

I enjoyed the combo of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, the latter, particularly, impressed me with his performance as orc man Nick Jackoby. The story, in its own way,  deals with issues of racism, which is being tackled in the real world. 

If you’re a lover of fantasy (or urban fantasy, which is fantasy married with modern day elements) then this movie is for you.

I had a few questions, scenes that weren’t clarified well enough  especially after the half-mark, but overall, the movie acheives it’s aim and entertains as it ought to. 

Here’s something to look out for:

If you see a female or throughout the movie, kindly tell me where and when, 😁.

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Rinzy Reviews Films: The Most Exciting Films To Look Out For This Month

Hello! Welcome to my small corner here, where we’ll be talking about your favorite foreign and local films (movies and TV shows) as they affect the blogosphere. My name is Rinzy and I welcome you to join me on this ride as we have a wonderful time.

Today’s the first Friday in November and I’m so excited, two of the most anticipated new movies of this year 2017 will be available in cinemas this month, starting today, with ‘Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok’ leading the way.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok.jpg

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is the third installment in the solo outing of the Asgardian god. Directed by Taika Waititi, this movie that completes the MCU’s Thor trilogy and takes a more colorful approach, different from the two installments before it.

Judging by critics’ early reviews, Thor: Ragnarok is a hit for Marvel, the brighter colors and infusion of greater amount of comedy sets it apart from its predecessors, not to also talk about the addition of everyone’s favorite green guy –these give credence to the new direction the Thor franchise has taken, it’s a welcome development.

Not to forget, Thor: Ragnarok has some major implications for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) moving forward, as the MCU approaches its last days heading into the ‘Infinity War’ scheduled for a release in 2018, Thor: Ragnarok will provide useful information for we the viewers ahead of the massive team up. I really can’t wait to watch this movie. I think I should do so tomorrow.

Justice League

Justice League.jpg

The second big thing to hit the cinema this month is none other than a movie from Marvel’s biggest rival since the early days of its comic book publications, the DCEU’s answer to the MCU’s Avenger (2012) – Justice League, to be premiered come November 17.

This movie is the first ensemble movie by the relatively new DCEU (DC Extended Universe) that hasn’t had much critical success like its counterpart, asides from Wonder Woman (2017), no other movie in the DCEU has achieved universal appeal and praise [I don’t know if you still remember Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)?] This kind of record puts so much pressure on Justice League to perform very well, the future of the DCEU might as well be said to depend on it.

Personally, I’m pumped up for this movie for many reasons, I want to see Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck again in action as Wonder Woman and Batman respectively; I definitely need to see human demigod Jason Momoa in his Aquaman debut, he’s been the star of every trailer and cover art I’ve seen.

Many might by expecting me to mention Ezra Millar’s Flash, but I won’t, The CW’s direction with The Flash TV show has caused me fatigue with the character, this means that Justice League has to make Barry Allen/ The Flash more appealing for me to be invested in his solo movie ‘Flashpoint’ scheduled for 2020.

Enough of movies, let’s talk November TV shows. The two shows expected to shake the internet this month, fortunately or unfortunately, are staples of Marvel (the MCU), and they are – ‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ and ‘Marvel’s Runaways’. These shows, which will have every episode in their debut seasons available to be binge-watched on their respective streaming networks –Netflix and Hulu– are conscious efforts of The MCU to continue expanding on TV. The MCU domination of TV started in 2013 with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the American TV station ‘ABC’ and has continued to expand ever since.

Marvel’s The Punisher

The Punisher.jpg

‘The Punisher’ is expected on November 17, same day as the theatrical release of Justice League, and as I said before, every one of its 13 episodes will be available on Netflix for instant streaming.

For those conversant with the MCU, you’ll remember that The Punisher (played by Jon Bernthal of ‘The Walking Dead’ fame) was in the second season of Daredevil (2015 – till date), the character resonated so well with the masses due to the way Bernthal portrayed him that he was given a solo outing that’ll give more depth to his backstory, letting, we, the viewers know what makes The Punisher tick.

Those conversant with the character already know to expect plenty violence, gore and maiming will be the order of the day, as they are trademarks of The Punisher; the show is definitely not intended for children.

Marvel’s Runaways


Unlike its sibling, ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ will be taking so many different approaches. First off, it’s release will be through another streaming site in ‘Hulu’ and the story is focused on the central theme of family. A brief synopsis describes it as a story that unfolds when a group of teenagers with powers find out that their parents are villains, and most do everything within the reach of their superhuman powers to foil their plan. This sounds like a show the family can enjoy together to me.

Be thou as it may, comic books inspired films are gaining more grounds as time goes by; I don’t think they’ll be a greater time to be a comic book fan other than now.

What do you think of the films we’ve talked about today? Is there any film you’ve been anticipating this month? Talk to me in the comment box below, I’ll love to hear from you.

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Rinzy Reviews Narcos Season 3

Release Date: June 21, 2017

Network: Netflix

Starring: Pedro Pascal, Damian Alcazaseas, Michael Stahlward, Matias Varela etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5

With the death of Pablo Escobar at the end of Narcos season 2, many thought Narcos was done; ‘What more is there to act?’ Many asked. But Narcos returned with another intriguing and thoroughly captivating season that sets things up for at least one more season: You want to know more, continue reading.

The Cali Cartel, led by Gilberto Rodriguez-Orejuela, had Miguel Rodrigeuz-Orejuela, Helma ‘Pacho’ Herrera, and Jose ‘Chepe’ Santacruz-Londono, to make up a four man power squad running the whole of Cali in Columbia. 

Though dreadful, I’d like to state here that the Cali gentlemen had nothing on Pablo Escobar. See, Escobar was a boss, he lived and fought like the chairman he was, only to die as a rat though. The Cali Cartel were brought down by their man helping the DEA, his name was Jorge Salcedo, he was their head of security, also my favorite character this season.

Jorge Salcedo

Every scene with him was a must watch; suffice it enough for me to be invested in actor, Matias Varela, future works.

Based on true life stories on the era of cocaine boom from Columbia to the world (particularly The US), Narcos works almost like an anthology. The story this season felt a little bit disconnected from where we stopped at season 2 finale, and it’s for good reasons. This season’s story was told from Agent Pena’s POV. 

Agent Pena

After his success nailing Pablo Escobar with Agent Murphy (who’s missing throughout this season), life wasn’t all rosy from there; infact, he had more of bad days that good ones, up until he found his mojo again working with two fellow agents, Chris Feistl and Daniel Van Ness, to bring down the Cali Cartel against the American and Columbian government’s wishes. As Pena would find out the hard way, compromises in work places are a necessary evil for greater goods to be acheieved. This line of reasoning didn’t go well with Pena, who saw it better to resign than work in such an unhealthy environment.

At least, something good came out from all tgose trouble, we’re going to Mexico next season (if there’s going to be one).

I feel the move to Mexico is a good thing: the Columbia story is already fatigued, it’s time to move forward.

The Cali gentlemen playes it safe, they were smarter than Escobar, had too many dramas in their lives that seemed to interfere with their business. I liked their leader, Gilberto, he was very smart; definitely the brains of the organization.

Gilberto Rodriguez-Orejuela

I liked Miguel his brother too, more hotheaded, but still sane when compared to Escobar. Pacho Herrera was a delight to watch: I feel his character could have beem better improved on had more time been imvested in him. Chepe was the only one I couldn’t really connect with; too bad.

In all, I believed the Cali gentlemen were trying too hard to not make the same mistakes Escobar did, but ended up seeming like a cheap imitation. Too bad. Do not get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the season, it was captivating, but didn’t come close to the terror Escobar was (especially in the first season).

I will not end this review without mentioning some minor characters who helped this season. Remember: David, Miguel’s annoying son, who met a very satisfying end? Pallomeri, the annoyingly funny accountant for the Cali cartel? Maria Salazar who kept doing what was necessary to protect her snd her son? Franklin Jurado who made me miss Sense 8 some more? And many more I can’t rememebr now.

I do hope Narcos gets a new season order, I really do.

What I Think Of Midnight Texas

I just started watching the new supernatural show from NBC – Midnight Texas – and I must confess, I like it. It vibes me into remembering a show I miss so much – True Blood.

Fantasy shows with strong ties into the supernatural are soon going to be rare; The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, are no more, Teen Wolf is nearing completion, and long standing show, Supernatural, could be done any year from now.

Midnight Texas comes at a time when its genre is at risk. It boasts of notable stars from TV shows that have ended, such as, Dylan Bruce from Orphan Black, Arielle Kebbel from The Vampire Diaries, Peter Mensah from Spartacus, and many more.

Let me binge-watch up to where the show’s at, then I can return and give me full verdict. Until then… Midnight is the town to be.

Watch the trailer below.

Game of Thrones: The Birth of The Ice Dragon

For years, fans and theorists alike have wondered how and when an ice dragon would arrive in Westeros. Like the White Walkers themselves, the blue-eyed beasts were the stuff of legend. They were rumored to fly amidst the frozen lakes in The Land of Always Winter. Some thought an ice dragon was housed deep inside The Wall, and others even wondered if one might materialize out of the frozen pond near the godswood at Winterfell (Adapted from

It all started when Daenerys taught it good to do something heroic and save the day, against Tyrion’s advice. As would be expected, the rescue mission didn’t go well. As Jon fought off wights and his band of merry men mounted Drogon, The Night King in his wisdom threw an Olympic sized javelin perfectly into Viserion, causing the most insignificant of Dany’s children to crash like an airplane leaking fuel (blood), and subsequently slipping into the ocean.

The undead dragged out the corpse and The Night King expectedly raised it to life.

Viserion as The Ice Dragon.

Ice dragons are rumored to be very feared beasts; they are believed to have entirely magical properties. They’re not just animals; they’re mystical creatures. So enigmatic are the ice dragons that many ASoIaF fans believe an ice dragon was housed in The Wall, thus supplying the legendary barrier with its enchanted abilities to ward off White Walkers. While that may still prove true in George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter, it’s more likely that undead Viserion will be used to bring down The Wall in Game of Thrones, then ride beyond it to decimate the Seven Kingdoms. (Adapeted from

Though the battle between Drogon and Rhaegal vs Viserion is inevitable, it is certain the battle won’t end on a mild note.

GOT returns for its finale next Sunday, 27th August, 2017.

Rinzy Reviews: American Gods (S1)

Network: Starz

Episodes: 8 // Duration: 55 mins.

Starring: Ian McShane, 


American Gods is another master piece that has taken the world be surprise. The insatiable hunger begins while the strain yo wait for more takes over.

The above is RRs recap for the wonder that was the first season of American Gods (AG).

When AG first started, I had my reservations. It was an extreme slow burner that showed signs of going somewhere , only that the viewer couldn’t really see. I must confess, the person of Ian McShabe kept me hooked, and the characterization of Mad Sweeny. I also had to go online to get a little idea abouy the potential of the show, and I remained onboard. A decision I praise today.

AG is not your conventional show. Very much like HBO’s Westworld, the show is confusing in its own right. All you keep hearing about are the gods who are at war, but you never get to actually see any real action. Most of the beauty of this show was in the dialogue between characters, monologues used as voice over at the beginning of almost every episode, and the beautiful costumes. Star didn’t spare the bank in making sure that this show resonates with fans… a risk that paid off, because the world can’t seem to calm down for a second season.

Who are the American Gods?

They are the gods of the earth. Gods who humans all around the world worshipped and those that are still worship, and their arrival in America.

I know the above might be confusing, let me further clarify.

There are two camps of gods here:

  1. The old gods
  2. The new gods.

As their name implies, the old gods are fast fading away, mostly shadows of their former selves as the world has moved on and has almost entirely stopped worshipping them. The gods here range from, Odin, the Norse war god, to Bilquis, a god whose worship is expressed through sexual pleasure, Vulcan, the volcano god, etc. The classification of the new is where it gets interesting. The new gods are the manifestation of new ideas that have taken over the world. In this case we have, Mr. World, Tech boy, Fashion, Social media, etc.

Both factions are obviously strained and as Mr. Wednesday (Ian NcShane’s character) always mentioned, war loomed.

Mr. Wednesday (finally revealed at the season finale tone Odin) recruited a certain mysterious man, fresh out of prison, by the name Shadow Moon, to be his right hand man. For the better part of the season, Wednesday thought it wise to let Shad own witness all the WTF happenings of the god and yet not reveal his real nature to him. He did save the reveal for the best possible time though. AG hasn’t yet told us why Shadow’s so important to Wednesday’s plans, something I feel will be addressed in the second season. This lag hasn’t stopped diehard fans from theorizing to the best of their abilities how Shadow factors in. What we do authoritatively know from the show is that Wednesday had Mad Sweeny kill Shadow’s wife to make him broken and at a state where he could easily offer his life to the services of the Norse god.

Laura (Shadow’s wife or Dead wife, as Mad Sweeny calls her) forced the truth out of the latter, an information she has going into the new season. Though such information seems pretty useless as Shadow finally confessed to Wednesday that he believed; a profession that obviously empowered Wednesday into his state as Odin to incapacitate the many minions of Mr. World present. It means that Laura’s discovery and subsequent conversation with Shadow might not do much to sway Wednesday’s plans which is already in motion. This is bad needs for Laura because whatever magic is keeping her undead isn’t stopping her corpse from decaying: she’s alive thanks to a certain powerful coin from Mad Sweeny but her body is still a decomposing corpse.
There are so much dynamics to the story, many gods already introduced and more still to come to factor into the coming war, AG keeps looking promising.

American Gods will return sometime in 2018 on Starz.