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HTGAWM: WTF Is Wrong With Nate?

This is a recap-review of How to Get Away With Murder s06e12

Fans of TV Murder, we’re getting closer to the end, yet ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ isn’t pulling any of its punches. Episode after episode, the show keeps throwing new twists and swings our way, hoping we remain constantly awed by its marvelous storytelling. But I think it teased one too many in this week’s episode and I’m not so sure I like it. I’ll leave the judgement till after next episode.

Sam and Hannah? I don’t think TV is ready for another Lannister plot so soon, especially not one that feels like an afterthought.

My Hate for Nate Continues to Fester.

Can we all agree there’s no worthy redemption in sight for that guy? Even when presented with all the facts he still chooses to act on his emotions like a cry-man-baby and undermine Annalise every chance he gets.

Killing Xavier Castillo was a dumb move. Nate doesn’t know it yet, but his action may have just helped nudge the Governor one step forward to getting away with everything. He helped her take care of a big loose end, and I’m sure she’d thank him if she could. How could he not see that?!

Talking about loose ends. What do you think will happen to Agent Pollock now that the whole gang knows she killed Asher? Who’s more inclined to send her on a trip to meet her maker? I think she’ll survive the show, though.

I wish I could talk about Annalise’s survival with the same kind of certainty. Although the court had the death penalty thrown off her case, thanks to the badass combo she and Teagan make, we know there’s still a coffin hanging around somewhere in her (near) future. So, unless something miraculous happens soon to support the theory of that funeral scene being a ruse, I’d say AK hasn’t really changed the future.

Me: She’s still headed for 6-feet
My conscience:Ain’t we all?

Enough about Annalise. I want to gloat over the two characters that may not have any future left after the FBI is done with them. You guessed it, Michaela and Connor. In order to support her case challenging the death penalty, AK had to provide evidence. Shockingly, but exhilarating to watch, she choose to give up these two instead of Gabriel. And I liked it. It’s about time AK starts teaching them what it really means to bite the hands that fed you.

What did you like most about this episode? Do you think Annalise giving Michaela and Connor up was uncalled for? What is the Governor’s beef with AK? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

PS: I’d almost completely forgotten about Robert. Good thing his return in this episode was just to further Annalise and Teagan romance plot. He can go now and never return, no one would miss him.

Money Heist: 9 Things Bugging Me About Season Four – Not A review.

Netflix’s very popular telenovela makes a return for its fourth season. The show has come really far, and it seems just like yesterday when the rave first started. The badass Spanish heist everyone couldn’t stop talking about.

These days, Money Heist is mostly a shadow of its former glory. It keeps going in circles and repeating itself with slightly cooler tricks just to justify its continued existence. Think Raquel/Lisbon’s rescue paralleling Tokyo’s, and Alicia uncovering The Professor’s hideout just like Lisbon did when she was still a police inspector.

The show is excruciating to follow now, but I can’t stop. It hurts me to admit it, but I think I’m addicted.

So, instead of whining about all the things I didn’t like, but can’t change about this new season (4), I’ll instead talk about the questions I’ve still got ringing in my head, two weeks after its premiere on Netflix.

1) The best thing about this (4th) season is easily Gandia, The Head of Security at the Bank of Spain. He’s deadly, so why would the gang still keep him even after killing Nairobi? There’s almost nothing as dangerous as having him in the same space as the rest of the crew.

2) Talking about dangerous people. What is Palermo’s deal? I still don’t fully understand why The Professor would bring someone as unstable as him to this kind of delicate mission. But then, he brought Berlin and Tokyo (and even Denver), so I guess him agreeing him bringing Pallermo along isn’t so farfetched.
His actions led to Nairobi’s death. I don’t think that should be forgotten or forgiven.

3) Can this show please kill Arturo?

That. Man. Is. Annoying! And disgusting, too!

4) When it was shown that The Professor was behind the helicopter stunt, I legit thought the show was about to pull a crappy escape stunt on us. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, but it left wondering… How will these guys escape with all that gold?

5) Money Heist has shown it isnt afraid to kill off its characters but why did it have to be Nairobi? For convenience, because she was already shot and the most likely to die from Gandia’s assault?

Nairobi was one of (if not the only) smartest characters on the show, after the professor, and now she’s gone. Who’d be able to lead the team efficiently now? Tokyo? Stockholm? Or, maybe that’s why Lisbon was brought in? Oh!

6) Why did The Professor have Lisbon brought into the bank? Could it be because it’s the safest place for the gang in the whole of Madrid (Spain), or that was a bad move on his part?

7) Since Arturo deserves to die, who deserves to kill him? Stockholm, Denver, Amanda, or the Governor of the Bank of Spain?

8) Does Nairobi’s death mean we’ll be seeing her backstory, just like Berlin? I think I’d like that.

9) When will Alicia give birth? I can almost swear that he tummy is a ripe as it can be, pushed to its very limit. But this fiesty Inspector/negotiator isn’t letting that slow her down. Last we saw her, she had a gun pointed at our dear professor. What if he labor starts in the middle of that confrontation? Is The Professor ready to become a daddy midwife? 😂

Westworld: There’s More To Be Worried About Than Dolores

This is a review-recap for Westworld s03e05

Liam: (to Dolores) You can’t be in two places at once.

We the viewers: 🤣🤣🤣

The big question we’ve been asking all season is, what’s Dolores BIG plan for humanity. But, after this week’s episode (5), I believe we’ve been asking the wrong question.

Are those sparks I see?

Looks like the show is actually on its way to making Dolores and Caleb an item. The only thing we’re not sure of is if those starry eyes and drool will continue after the drug in his system wears off.

(If you want CalDo/DoCal to be a thing, tell me in the comment below 👇)

When Westworld first came on the scene four years ago, it’s selling point was how complicated its plot was and the intense satisfaction its story climax gave. This third season has done quite the opposite. The plot is simple. Straightforward. IT FEELS LIKE A DIFFERENT SHOW (a story for another day). Dolores wants to take down humanity but, to do that, she first needs to take down Rehoboam owned by the enigmatic Serac.

But Serac isn’t so enigmatic now. Thanks to Dolores and her band of merry human friends (and copies) she’s brought down Rehoboam and has started learning ways to defeat Serac.

But Serac is not to be trifled with. Maeve will rise again, and a rematch between her (on Serac’s behalf) and Dolores is inevitable.

More questions for the show to answer before the season is over:

What did Liam Dempsey mean when he said Caleb doesn’t know who he is and that he’sthe “worst of them”?

What is Arnold’s role in Dolores’ plan?

And, what really is Dolores’ plan?

More questions, five episodes to go, Westworld, we need answers!

PS: Who caught those characters wearing face masks in the background?


Can Westworld see the future for real?

Does Rehoboam really exist? 😨

My head is blowing up here. 😱

HTGAWM: We Now Know Asher’s Killer – Was It Who You Expected?

This is a review-recap for How to Get Away With Murder s06e11

I knew those kids turned on Annalise for nothing. See how they’ve played themselves. Haq-haq-haq!!! 😂

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ continues to thrill with its twists and unexpected turns. Few episodes to go before the series finale and we already know who killed Asher. Shocking? I thought so too.

Some might call the reveal of Asher’s killer as cheap writing, but I think the show needed to quickly get that off their plate for more intriguing revelations, like whether Annalise survives the show or not, and if Wes is truly still alive.

What better way to depict desperation to achieve one’s goal and the thin line between good and evil than having indicting the FBI as Asher’s killer(just like I rightly guessed last week). The situation surrounding Asher’s death was perfect catalyst for them to get Michaela and Connor to turn on Annalise, and now it’s game on for them.

In the coming episodes it’ll become clearer:

  • If Agent Pollack, who actually clubbed Asher to death, works for both the FBI and Xavier Castillo. Which of the parties gave the order to off Asher? And,
  • How deep in bed is Solomon with the FBI?

This episode really needed to happen. Annalise needed someone to propel her to fight tooth and nail to save herself from her many enemies, old (the Governor, the Castillos and the FBI) new (Laurel, Connor, Oliver and Nate), and whoever may still be lurking in the shadows. Thanks to her mom, Ophelia, we get an Annalise that’s ready to burn both bridges and people, metaphorically speaking, to clear her name.

Now it’s Annalise, Bonnie, Frank and Teagan vs The rest of the world.

It felt good to see Bonnie and Frank choose to stick with Annalise.

This is the content I signed up for. 😎

Here’s another prediction. Nate broke Annalise mother’s heart by allegedly turning in those files to the FBI, I feel like she won’t let that slide just easy. Let’s just say another house fire might happen. Only time will tell, though.

How to Get Away With Murder returns next Thursday!

Westworld: Dolores Vs Maeve

This is a review-recap of Westworld s03e04

In this week’s episode of Westworld there’s so much callback to Shogun world that your head could literally explode watching it.

Nah! I’m kidding. There were only two by my count. 😂

But here’s something that should make your mind explode. For the past 3 + episodes, we’ve been watching one character prance about in multiple skin suits, doing many, many bad things. Can you imagine? What a reveal! Westworld’s showrunners, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, might as well subtitle this season ‘The Revenge of Dolores Abernathy’ because she’s almost running the show singlehandingly.

I had high hope for a Dolores vs Maeve standoff, I thought it was something the show was going to gradually build up to. Alas, said hope got deflated like a balloon in this episode. My consolation, though, is that I know for a fact (judging by a scene from the trailers) that there’ll be a rematch. I think this is the show’s way of making Maeve walk the long road of defeat before making her triumph, just like most protagonists do.

Tessa Thompson in Westworld

Westworld continues to be visually stunning. I take great pride in that. Last season’s finale set the show up for new adventures and this season’s premiere saw the show change vastly in terms of locations and characters. And, while the story builds up to something massive as the episode counts pile up, the cinematography leaves very little to be desired, which is awesome.

Any day you see me cry out (post Covid-19) for a visit to Singapore, you best know who’s responsible.

PS: Tessa Thompson is a terrific actress. And so is Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Woods, and the host of others.

HTGAWM: It’s Annalise Keating vs The World Now

This is a review-recap for How to Get Away with Murder s06e10

Everyone’s gunning for Annalise -the State, the Feds and, now, even her own students – no wonder she had to run.

Fans of saucy, dramatic TV murder, ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ is back for its final six episodes and things aren’t looking good for our favorite professor.

It’s ironic how Annalise Keating (AK) is the only one on the FBI’s radar who hasn’t actually killed anyone, but also the one they seem to have the hardest boner for. Makes you wonder how bad they are at their jobs, or how they just want to go with the perfect narrative that a Black law professor cajoled her impressionable students into killing her ex-husband and all the enemies that came after him, to cover her tracks. Cool story from their white perspective.

Remember how AK asked/blackmailed Solomon (Michaela’s dad) for help to run away, during the midseason finale? Well, that was for nought because she only got as far as Mexico.

In her defense, she never could’ve known Asher would be murdered and that Michaela and Connor would be picked up for it. Solomon did what any father would do, especially one trying to enter his grownup daughter’s life, he gave up Annalise in exchange for Michaela’s release.

So, the action is on… AK is back and obviously going to face trial thanks to Connor and Michaela’s testimony and I’m wondering who’d represent the Tigress vicious enough to go against the Supreme Court?

Teagan is good, but she’s no Annalise.

Eve? I doubt it.

Maybe AK will defend herself, who knows?

We still have to figure out who killed Asher, not like we really care, but it has to be solved before the show ends. Top on the list of suspects now -Frank and Gabriel. But, what if the FBI or the Governor actually killed Asher? Think about it, how his death was the final ingredient that provided all the evidence to nail AK?

And, also, how TF is Wes alive, that’s if that show isn’t a dream.

So many questions, one down, five episodes to go.

HTGAWM, welcome back _ the beginning of the end.

PS: Did you catch that scene where Annalise took off all her make-up and hair? It reminded me of that one from season one.

Westworld: Dark Times For Humanity This Third Season

This is a review-recap for Westworld s03 premiere

Humanity, watch out! Dolores isn’t here to play.

With a badass dress change and a killer rampage, Dolores ain’t joking at all. If I were a character in the show, if be shaking to my core because, according to the new queen of the Andals (sorry, the future robot queen world 😁):

“The real gods are here, and they’re very angry.”

This season premiere does set things up a long way for what I consider might be a resounding irony;

Dolores has a deep dislike for humanity and wants to see it toppled; thanks to the new AI player in the series, Rehoboam, she might actually have a shot. The new guy, Caleb, played by Aaron Paul, dislikes robots to an extent. But their paths cross at the end of the episode and, from the trailers, we know they eventually join forces.

What if a romance brews between them? A real one. That’ll be sad because it’ll definitely end in tragedy.

Aaron Paul’s Caleb has enough skeleton in his past that makes him seem interesting. His time in the army and the loss of his friend are sure to have devastating (PTSD) consequences for the character. Then, there’s also the thing about him not having an implant, something the show will certainly address soon.

Arnold seems very interesting this season, with the whole split personality thing. I think Dolores is the pulling his string. Do you agree?

Where’s William, aka the Man in Black? He needs to come in like a wrecking ball and turn the heat up before the Hosts really take over the world.

Who’s inside Martin’s host? Teddy? 🤔