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Iron Fist is coming.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at it again. The Netflix corner of the MCU has been heating up since the release of the first season of Daredevil in 2015. This continued with the release of Jessica Jones later that same year, followed by the second season of Daredevil in 2016, and Luke Cage the same year. Now, we are almost at the end of the road, the last character to be introduced in his own eponymous show, before the mini Avengers-styled TV Show titled – The Defenders slated for a release later this year. The Defenders will include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and characters from all their respective shows.

L to R: Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist

The second trailer for Iron Fist was release about a week ago, giving us a more detailed look at this new Marvel series. At this point, everyone has so much confidence in Marvel, because all their productions have been wonderful.

Click here to watch Iron Fist’s trailer.

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Things the trailer told us:

1. Meet Danny Rand


With a backstory similar to that of DC’s Green Arrow – rich boy turned vigilante, Iron Fist starts out the same way most superheroes do nowadays.
Danny Rand has returned to his city and father’s company, Rand Industries, after being supposedly believed dead after a plane crash that claimed his parent’s life. Danny had been fortunate to survive, and had learnt martial arts from the greatest masters in the cold region of K’un-L’un, “City of the Immortals” situated between cold mountains.
2. There is magic.

Everyone conversant with the magic knows that Danny learnt to harness the Chi that flows within him, concentrating it on his fist (hence the name, Iron Fist) to dish out punches with devastating effects.
3. Claire Temple


I for one have gotten tired of seeing MCU’s favorite Nurse in every Marvel/Netflix show. Fortunately or unfortunately, she’s in this one also. First introduced as a love interest in the first season of Daredevil, Claire appeared in Luke Cage, featuring as his love interest, your guess is as good as mine what she’ll be doing again in this installment. Ha ha!!
4. Destruction!


We love to see things blow up, we love to see things scatter, the trailer contained just enough to keep us invested in showing up for the series premiere come Mar. 17. Danny kicks a lot of asses with his bad ass martial arts skills, and blows up a lot of structures with his Iron Fist.

5. A Side-kick.


In the person of Colleen Wing. She’s a supporting character with badass martial arts skills. He cage fight sequence in the trailer were awesome and I can’t wait to see her in full action.


Iron Fist looks promising enough for me to anticipate binge watching it. Marvel has had success with three of the three eponymous shows they currently have on Netflix, Iron Fist seems poised to toe and possibly best that line.
Iron Fist comes out on Mar. 17, on Netflix.


Rinzy Reviews: TVD’s Hell

In this week’s episode of TVD (s08 E12)  we were surprised with the return of one of TVD’s most brutal villain, but strangely, also one of its most loved character – Malachi Parker a.k.a. Kai, the man who killed his younger brother in a duel, his twin sister on her wedding night, the rest of his family, put a young woman under a permanent sleeping curse, and many other unmentionable atrocities. Yes, that guy is back.



At the last moments of the episode, when Damon showed Alaric the weapon he believes can kill Cade, Kai surfaced, saying, Yea… sorry to interrupt, but what if I told you I have a better idea. As though that’ll make

With four episodes before we say our final goodbyes, TVD is really taking risks like never before, and this has reignited our interests, and caused us to be on edge a little. The last time we saw Kai was in season 6 finale, he put Elena in a sleeping curse, tying her life to Bonnie’s; this act causes him to lose his head at the hand of Damon.

How is Kai back… and what does it hold for the rest of the season?

Hell, Rinzy thinks. Kai is back because he slipped through the cracks between Hell and Mystic Falls. Remember when Matt rang the Maxwell’s bell eleven out of twelve time? If Cade could use it to have a strong foothold on this earth, why can’t one of his prisoners also slip through.


If it could work for Cade, it could also work for other characters… is anyone currently thinking about Katerina Petrova a.k.a. Katherine Pierce.

Or, it could be the door Bonnie herself opened. Enzo’s death caused Bonnie so much pain that she experienced a form of magical surge. Most of us wished it was her magic returned, but as we later found out, it was her door to hell she opened; it could be possible this was Kai’s passage back to the land of the living.

Way back in season 5 episode 15, TVD’s producers teased the idea of Hell when Katherine died but her soul couldn’t move to the other side, but was swallowed into darkness. Bonnie pronounced then that Katherine had gone to Hell because of her many evil deeds. We didn’t understand what it meant then, but now, having met Cade, the Sirens, and the almost surprising return of Kai, we know fully well that Katherine making a grand reappearance is almost inevitable.


This also raises another question… How many evil characters from the TVD universe are in Hell?

Truly, there are a few characters in TVD that have been so evil that they certainly deserve a spot in Hell… Markos (The s5 leader of the Travelers), Atticus Shane (The s4 Professor that wanted to raise Silas), Silas (The s5 immortal, the first of Stefan’s doppelganger), Dr. Wes Maxfield (The s5 crazy Vampire-experimenting Doctor) … etc. Though it wouldn’t make sense story-wise to introduce any of them at this point , especially with only four episodes to go, it’ll be nice if the Producers at least name drop those currently flaming the fires of Hell.


So, what do you think about Kai’s return, Katherine’s almost-certain return, and the fact that Kai wants to join forces with Alaric (the man he killed his wife on his wedding night) and Damon (the man he put the love of his life in a magical coma) to defeat the Devil (the one who’s probably been torturing him). Comments are highly appreciated.

Whatever theories we have would be disapproved or approved come Friday, 17/02/2017, when TVD returns for episode 13.

Comments are highly appreciated!!!

Rinzy Reviews: Doctor Strange

Release date: November 4, 2016
Production Studio: Marvel Studio
Box Office: $670.1m
Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5


Over the years, Marvel has proved itself as a force to be reckoned with not just the comic book movie world, but movies in general. Doctor Strange follows in the same line as an interesting watch.


Dr. Stevens Strange is an arrogant but very intelligent Neurosurgeon, who has an accident that causes him to lose the effective use of his hands. Dejected, he seeks for a way out of his predicament, and comes across a man who used to be paralyzed years ago, but could now miraculously walk. The man tells Strange about Kamar-Taj, a place where miracle happens.

Kaecilius is a rogue Sorcerer, who broke into Kamar-Taj to steal a page out of a book about time manipulation. He and his followers are chased across dimensions by a powerful Sorceress called the Ancient One, but they all escape her.

Strange is saved by another sorcerer, Mordo, who heard him ask about Kamar-Taj at the market place. Mordo brings him to Kamar-Taj, the Sanctum, to see the Ancient One, who rejects him, but later accepts him after a pep talk from Mordo. Strange begins his training in earnest, though tough, he finally starts to understand what it takes to be a sorcerer. Kaecilius attacks again.


Kaecilius is trying to free Dormamu, a villain that resides in the dark dimension, and it is up to Strange and his fellow Sorcerers to stop his invasion.

There were lots of things I loved about this movie, most notable are:

1. Dr. Stranger’s back story.

Even though this movie is an origin story of some sort, it doesn’t rub it on our faces. The pacing was good. It didn’t take years to introduce Steven Strange the douche, Steven Strange the broken man, and certainly didn’t take an eternity to introduce him as a Sorcerer. The pacing was well thought out, and beautifully executed.

2. Powerful visuals

Though we’ve seen one trick in this movie in Inception (2010) – the reality warping spell when Mordo and Strange ran from Kaecilius and his forces after the attack at the New-York Sanctum.


Many other visuals peculiar to this movie I enjoyed include, the way the portals to different dimensions open, the Eye of Agomotto and the cloak of levitation in action, among many other scenery. Kudos to the Visuals Director.

3. The comedy

This was one very awesome aspect of the movie. The characters were funny, almost all of them knew how to crack a smile on viewers, including Dormamu.

4. The wonderful cast and acting.

Though there were divisions among comic fanboys when the cast was unveiled, they did impress me. From Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange, to Chinwetel Ejiofor as Mordo, to Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, these three and a few others did it for me. Benedict Cumberbatch was an excellent choice for the Sorcerer Supreme, and I must say job well done to the Casting Director.

The things I didn’t like about this movie:

1. Dormamu wasn’t really visually appealing enough to be appreciated as the main villain.

2. The Ancient One didn’t need to die the way she did. She was way too awesome to die by a stab wound, for someone with powers from the dark dimension.


In all, Doctor Strange is an entertaining movie, it wouldn’t bore you. So, if you haven’t watched it, try to.

For those that have watched the movie, what do you think of it?

The Craze For Sentient Lifelike Robots

Marvel’s LMD (Life Model Decoy) story-line is coming at the helm of the craze for sentient robots caused by Westworld. And it is good.

Over the years, HBO has given us a lot of memorable TV shows that will be remembered for many years to come – Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, etc. Most recent of this HBO-craze induced TV, is Westworld, a remake of the 1973 movie of the same name. If you liked Westworld as much as I did, then, you’ve fallen in love with lifelike androids. While we wait till 2018 before we can enjoy more awesomeness that is the world Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have brought us, we can enjoy something similar on the fourth season of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


I believe it’s coincidence, but I can’t help but wonder if Marvel had the foresight to see how successful Westworld would become with the idea of lifelike robots turning sentient.

Let me say here, asides from both TV shows sharing the idea of sentient robots, there’s nothing else common. WW is anchored on a premium cable network were nudity, matured and dark story-lines can take precedence. While AoS is on a broadcast channel, and also based off a comic-book series.

I for one cannot get enough of this lifelike android craving, Westworld has started in me, so for that reason, I’ve been having the time of my life following this season of AoS. I initially wondered how they were going to top the awesomeness that Ghostrider brought to the first half of the season. Now, I can categorically state that, they’ve been doing a more awesome job.


To defeat Robbie’s uncle (Robbie is the Ghostrider), Fitz and Dr. Radcliffe had to bring the LMD they’ve been hiding all the while (Aida) to read the Darkholme. This is to execute the reason for her construction: to protect humans from any form of harm, and lay her robotic-life if need be. It was initially revealed that reading the Darkholme changed something in Aida, but it was later clarified to mean that having her read the Darkholme was always Dr. Radcliffe’s idea. Presently, Agent May had been kidnapped and replaced with an LMD, with LMD-May unconsciously tasked with stealing the Darkholme for her masters (Radcliffe and Aida). Radcliffe, along the line, revealed that there is another LMD is already at work. I have my budding theory on whom this second LMD is, but I’ll keep it to myself for now.


The idea behind robots that look like humans has always been an appealing one, and within a space of six months, I’m witnessing it being played out twice in two awesome TV shows.

What do you think about lifelike androids? Did you enjoy watching Westworld, and do you like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Let us know. If you want more series with lifelike androids, I recommend BBC’s Humans currently in its second season.

Welcome to Rinzy Reviews Films

It’s been a few years since I became engrossed in the art of film-watching, and a little more for story-writing. It’s also approximately a year since I nursed the idea of  having a platform where I pen my many film (movies and TV) theories and discuss film ideas with a public as enthusiastic about the art as myself. So, here we are – Rinzy Reviews Films: A dream made reality.

Though not the best attempt, I strongly believe it’s a step in the ‘write’ direction. I believe, greatly, in planting a vision and nursing it into a mission. And, I know we’ll have great times here making memories we’ll treasure for many years to come.

My name is Rinzy Talius Dike, your chief-servant and I say Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

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