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5 Actors You Forgot Were In Queen Latifah’s ‘Beauty Shop’

Whenever you think Beauty Shop, it’only normal you think Queen Latifah. The 2005 female-led follow up to the smash hit, Barber Shop (2002), wasn’t as critically successful as many hoped it’d be, but it has been a symbol of resilience, hard work, and women empowerment in the hearts of some people.

Since it was released a long ago it’s not uncommon to have forgotten some of the actors who appeared either in a starring role or a cameo.

Here are five actors you might’ve forgotten were in Beauty Shop. Let’s see who you still remember, from the least shocking to the one I’m almost certain you don’t remember.

5. Alicia Silverstone

Many won’t remember the one-time Batwoman was a lead character here. The confidence of a female relative of Batman was missing in this movie, so no one would really blame you if you couldn’t connect the dots.

Alicia was most recently seen in The Lodge, an American-British horror film.

4. Alfre Woodard

Before joining Disney as Mariah Stokes in Luke Cage and Sarabi in Lion King, Woodard pranced around Gina’s beauty salon as the sarcastic Ms. Josephine. She was a joy to watch here.

Alfre can currently be found on Apple TV’s See.

3. Djimon Hounsou

Blood Diamond and Guardians of the Galaxy are movies Mr. Hounsou portrayed villainy like he was born for it. But watch him cozy up to Ms. Latifah and you’d almost swear he was also born to be a lover boy.

Djimon will star in next year’s The King’s Man and A Quiet Place.

2. Kevin Bacon

As Jorge the nasty boss, Kevin Bacon is almost unrecognizable in this movie.

Kevin can be found on the first season of Showtime’s City on a Hill.

1. Omari Hardwick

Ultimately, the biggest surprise here is Omari Hardwick aka James St. Patrick aka Ghost. Who would’ve ever thought that years later puny Byron who got knocked unconscious by a punch would go on to be the worst drug lord in the entire New York distro? Thank you Power for giving this hunk a chance to show the world what he really got.

Last we checked, Omari was falling down the height at Truth. Power returns January for what promises to be an explosive final half.

Apple TV+: What To Watch

The streaming war just got tougher. How much longer do you think Netflix can continue to wear the crown 👑?

Apple plus TV launched last weekend and these four shows are at its forefront. Here’s a brief synopsis on each of them:

1. In The Morning Show, Jenifer Aniston, Reese Withersppon, and Steve Carell show some of the power dynamics in the world of morning news broadcast. In the aftermath of Mitch Kessler’s (Steve Carell) firing due to multiple sexual allegations, newcomer Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) aspires to replace him in the prime-time slot and clashes with longtime host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston).

Verdict: I think you should start with this one, for the love of Aniston, mostly. 😁

2. For All Mankind explores what could have happened if the Russians got to the Moon first in 1969.

Verdict: Alternate realities have always been a good thing. I’d really like to see where this one goes.

3. See takes place 600 years into a post-apocalyptic future, where the remaining population of Earth is all blind. A war breaks out as sighted twins are born into a tribe, and the queen of the lands fears the mythic twins will threaten her rule.

Verdict: If you liked Apocalypto, chances are you’d like this one. It has Jason Momoa, too.

4. In Dickinson, Hailee Steinfeld stars as the misunderstood American poet in her coming-of-age story.

Verdict: – 😌

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4 Reasons You Should Watch ’93 Days’

Release Date: September 16, 2016

Starring: Bimbo Akintola, Donald Glover, Somkele Iyamah, Alastair Mackenzie, Charles Okafor, et al.

Even if you haven’t seen 93 Days, at least you should already know there’s a movie out there characterizing the fierce battle Nigeria fought against the Ebola virus in 2014 and how the country triumphed. It’s the least you could do to show solidarity for all those the disease took away, top on that list is Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh (Bimbo Akintola), a woman whose professionalism and bravery helped intercept what could have been an even more catastrophic attack and all the brave people at First Consultant Medical Center, Obalende.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, here are four reasons why I think you should see 93 Days before it leaves Netflix.

1. It Is A Good Movie
It’s one of the best Nollywood movies ever made and boasts of nice performances from members of its main cast. Bimbo Akintola, Danny Glover, Alastair Mackenzie, and Somkele Iyamah all did great. The camera shots, angle, and picture quality are awesome too. So is the music.

2. You Need To Know What Happened

Some people are still in denial over the plausibility of the attack and if the Ebola virus ever found its way into the country. I kid you not, that took place. Only if you see the movie will you be able to fully grasp what happened and how the sacrifices of a few ensured the survival of many.

3. It’ll Give You Closure

Maybe you lost a loved one during the crisis. Seeing how their sacrifices weren’t in vain might just be what you need to hurt less.

4. It Inspires Patriotism

At a time like this when many have lost faith in Nigeria, a movie like 93 Days might just be what we need to remind people that the country belongs to all of us. Like the brave men and women of First Consultant, it’s on us to raise up to the occasion and act selflessly towards uplifting our Fatherland, when the need arises.

93 Days are currently streaming on Netflix. You should see it before it leaves.

Directed By: Steve Gukas

Rinzy’s Rating: 3.5/5

You Should Visit The Cinemas More Often

Last weekend, I did something unusual. I went to see an average movie at a very cool theatre.

Now, this movie, ‘Black and Blue‘, is the usual bad cop-good cop kind of movie we’ve seen a gazillion time already. Nothing special about it.

The music, acting, and plot were all basic, but the effects of the theatre bolstered the experience and made it seem extra-special. This leads me to what I’m really trying to say.

Naomie Harris in ‘Black and Blue’ (2019)

When you pay to see a movie, you’re basically paying for the viewing experience first, before the movie.

Cinematic effects have been known to make otherwise dull movies, like ‘Justice League‘ (2017) appear shiny, and that’s no one’s fault. It’s the full package you pay for.

So, if you’re still sitting on the fence about giving your hard-earned money to some bunch of strangers, I think you should come around, the experience might just be worth it.

Rinzy’s Rating for Black and Blue: 2.5/5
Naomie Harris does her best to carry this movie but its greatest disservice is in its inability to offer anything new to this genre. And I think
Frank Grillo really needs to stop starring in this kind of movie.

All The Times ‘Suits’ Changed The Law Firm’s Name

Fans of Suits were no strangers to change of names during it’s run. It was almost like an every season tradition that makes you wonder, how does a real firm go through this many series of name-change and not tank?

To make it easier for those who’ve forgotten, here’s a list of all the times Suits changed the name of its beloved law firm.

1. Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke

When Jessica joined the firm this we’re the names on the wall, until she and Daniel Hardman usurped the balance because Charles Van Dyke who hired her did so on gender basis, not qualifications, and lied to her face about it.

2. Pearson Hardman

After winning with Jessica Pearson, Daniel Hardman grew a comfortable pair of balls and started stealing from the firm and framing Louis for it. Jessica got Harvey, who was relatively new and ambitious at the time to look into it. The secrets revealed Hardman had been stealing to impress his girlfriend all along.

3. Pearson

For his misdemeanors, Jessica had Hardman’s name off the wall, and for a while rode solo.

4. Pearson Darby

To scrub off the lasting scent of Hardman’s stench, Jessica married Edward Darby for his deep pockets. Well, that lack of romance went well for a while.

5. Pearson Darby Specter

Harvey was unhappy with Jessica’s meager with Darby, so he fought to have his name up there too.

6. Pearson Specter

It turned out Jessica set Darby up to fail from the very beginning; and when her plan finally revealed itself, Darby was back to his solo company, and Jessica and Harvey had the firm all to themselves for a while.

7. Pearson Specter Litt

Louis figured out Mike never attended or graduated from Havard Law, and leverage this info to strong-arm Jessica into publicly announcing him as name partner.

8. Specter Litt

After Jessica leaves for Chicago to have a more quiet life with more good in it, Harvey and Louis are forced to restructure and take down her name in the process.

9. Zane Specter Litt

Jessica’s long-time frenemy leaves Rand, Caldor & Zane to join Specter Litt. This gives them a better standing in the eye of the public following Mike’s trial and Jessica leaving.

10. Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams

When Robert joined the firm he brought Samantha with him. At first, she’s more trouble than good, but she eventually finds footing with the core team and like the ones before her, would trash anyone who stands in their way. This loyalty gets her to name partner within a short time, same as Williams.

The Lion King: Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Scar Is Just As Menacing As Jeremy Iron’s

Disney in all its glory and wisdom saw fit to give The Lion King, one of its most beloved animated classics the live-action treatment. And in its magnanimity, the mouse house retained most elements of the original, which I thought and still believe was the right move. Let’s be honest, The Lion King isn’t like Aladdin, you can’t just usurp the emotional impact of Mufasa’s death for cheap thrills or retcon Timon and Pumbaa meeting and raising Simba for the sake of having a twist, and not expect the whole world to riot. Not all intellectual properties are created equal, we made our peace with that a long time ago.

Save for James Earl Jones, the cast of The Lion King is entirely new. It’s no shocker why director Jon Favreau decided to bring back JEJ: his voice is surreal, mysterious, yet soothing, and definitely one of the best in the industry. The decision to bring him back was welcomed by millions of fans all around the world and definitely aided in convincing some indifferent fans to go see the movie, which currently has $1.629B attached to its name at the box office.

The only casting decision to rival Mufasa’s was the announcement of 12 Years A Slave Star, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mufasa’s conniving younger brother Scar. The British-born actor of Nigerian descent had really big shoes to fill. Jeremy Iron had done such a good job with Scar in the animated movie a lot of diehard aficionados would’ve preferred Disney to give him the same treatment as James Early Jones, but if ever there was a shroud of doubt in them going into the movie, Ejiofor definitely slashed it the moment he made his first appearance, at least by half.

The scene with Mufasa in the cave is frightening, exciting, and riddled with nostalgia. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s ability to capture and relate the essence of Scar’s being, fragile relationship and resentment of his big brother within few minutes of screen time is highly commendable. I found myself yelling “yeah, that’s my Scar!”

There have been complaints of Ejiofor’s voice not being menacing enough as Scar, but I think it’s just perfect. He puts his own spin to the character, coupled with the character’s distinct, more-realistic look, he owned the role, and that’s a win for me!

Sorry, Jeremy Irons, but Chiwetel Ejiofor’s my Scar now 😌.

Rinzy’s Rating of The Lion King (2019): 3.5/5

Directed By: Jon Favreau

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Top Ten Disney Live-Action Characters

Once upon a time, animated characters from Disney were a thing to love and treasure, but these days the bulk of the attention is on giving these classic characters the live-action treatment. And at the rate the mouse house’s going with these adaptations, it’s only a matter of time before their library gets exhausted, but that’s a story for another day.

In honor of my still-in-session binge-watching of Once Upon A Time for a third time now, I’ve compiled a list of the ten times Disney’s impressed me while trying to bring some of these classics to life. Some of these picks are from standalone titular movies, while the rest are from the hit ABC Network show.

In no particular order, here are my pics:

1) Beauty And The Beast (2017)

2) Elsa from Frozen (OUAT s04)

3) Cinderella (2015)

4) Shere Khan from Jungle Book (2016)

5) Winnie The Pooh from Christopher Robin (2018)

6) Mowgli from Jungle Book (2016)

7) The Evil Queen (OUAT)

8 Maleficent (2014)

9) Brave (OUAT s05)

10) Prince Charming (OUAT)

Did your favorite make the list? Tell me what you think of my list in the comments. ❤️