Rinzy Reviews ‘6 Underground’ (2019)

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy, et al

Right off the title you could tell ‘6 Underground‘ would be dumb. Then factor in Ryan Reynolds and how he’s been typecast in recent history. This movie did very little to usurp all my low expectations. The action sequences were much and loud, exactly what you’d expect from a Michael Bay movie, but if anything’s become clearer in recent years, it’s that you need more than mindless action to make a good movie.

Two scenarios that’d have made ‘6 Underground‘ much better:

– A better backstory for its main characters, and
– If the car chase intro didn’t take 20 minutes.

‘6 Underground‘ isn’t all dark and gloomy though; there was this scene with magnets I thought was really cool.

If you’re a sucker for mind-numbing action, watching people’s heads and things blow up, this movie’s definitely for you; but if you’ve got a thing against movies with cliche plot (the kind that finds a way to portray America as a hero against villainy in the Middleeast), then you should thoroughly avoid this one.

One more thing, expect ‘7 Underground’ in a few years time.

Directed by: Michael Bay
Rinzy’s Rating: 2/5

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