Rinzy Reviews ‘Someone Great’ (2019)

Release Date: April 19

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, Britney Snow, Lakeith Stanfield, et al.

Netflix’s Someone Great is a great advocate of female friendship, something that isn’t really seen in Hollywood. Even rarer is the awesome main plot about the main character dealing with a devastating break up, that’s somehow handled really well.

Dumped by her long-term boyfriend, a music journalist recruits her two best friends for one last outrageous adventure in New York City before she moves to San Francisco.

If you’ve ever had to breakup with someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with, you already know how painful that is. For Jenny and Nate, the end of the road has come. They were near-perfect for each other, until the workload started coming and thoughts about rising up the career ladder began to drive a wedge between o these calls.

Someone Great is a movie about love. Love in the purest sense, the kind that steams from friendship. Jenny’s (Gina Rodriguez) friends will go the extra mile to ensure she survived a very nasty breakup, and that’s exactly how friendship should be. It’s this very simple thing that makes me love this movie greatly.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3/5

Directed By: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Power: Tasha Wants To Teach Tariq The Drug Game

Tasha has to be the world’s coolest mom now, right? Imagine how the world would be if every mother out there gave into their innermost yearning to see their child happy by giving them exactly what they wanted irrespective of its legality in the country and the child’s soul?

I guess you’re cringing right about now, but that’s exactly what Tasha just agreed to do with Riq in last week’s episode (S06E07). She’s promising to make him better than Ghost ever was, and I just can’t deal.

I can’t even figure out where Tasha learnt the game that much. Yeah, I know the show keeps talking about how good she, Ghost, and Kanan were back in the days, but they’ve also done a poor job making her a believable Drug Lord-ess as much as they did with the other top-guns in the Power-verse.

There’s reports about a Power spin-off in the works, maybe this is how they intend to carry on the show’s legacy, with Tariq St. Patrick. Poor choice if you ask me because people will never learn to love this kid even if he goes full-blown gangstar and has all the juicy TV sex in the world like his father.

It’s a lost cause Courteny Kemp. Abort!

Does ‘King Of Boys’ Really Need A Sequel?

Fall 2016 introduced the world to a new side of Kemi Adetiba with the release of The Wedding Party, a movie she co-wrote and directed. Kemi Adetiba the feature film director, a not-so-wide but significant departure from Kemi Adebita the music-video director. At that point, we knew she was going to change the world, a mandate she remained true to when it was announced she’d excused herself from the 2017 sequel, which turned out to be a critical disaster.

Unfortunately, Kemi Adetiba seems to be falling into the same kind of quagmire most stakeholders of a financially successful film find themselves in – milking the cow for everything it’s worth until all that’s left is pain and disgrace in the minds of fans who once loved the franchise.

Don’t get it twisted, King of Boys is a beautiful movie, one of the best Nigeria’s ever produced, and one of the two top movies of Nollywood’s 2018. Thanks to same industry’s 2020 Oscars selection, King Of Boys is on everyone’s lips again, which is testament to its very scintillating art quality.

King of Boys 2 is happening. Though the nature it’ll take isn’t yet public, it’s been confirmed by Kemi Adetiba via her Instagram handle. But does this sequel really deserve to happen?

The answer’s NO, and that’s mostly because the story left itself in a tight corner with that resolution.

The way King of Boys progressed towards the end of its second act into its third makes it near-unreasonable for a direct sequel to happen. It takes away what little credibility the rest of the story up had, from that point. Perhaps, in a world where either Kemi (Adesua Etomi-Wellington) or Kitan had survived, and Eniola (Sola Sobowale) went down as most viewers expected, maybe a direct sequel wouldn’t be sounding so scary.

There’s an easy solution though. Making the sequel more of a prequel than an actual sequel.

The thought of seeing Makanaki (Reminisce) and Odogwu Malay (Illbliss) share a scene again is exhilarating. Both musical artistes made their acting debuts in King of Boys to critical acclaims. And a prequel would gracefully handle their reunion without worrying about the implications of how the first one ended. It could also give Toni Tones more avenue to shine as the younger, more enigmatic version of Eniola Salami.

Time will tell the direction this sequel will take, until then it’s all speculations.

Power: Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, And Keisha All Work Together To Save Tariq

This week’s episode of Power (S06E06) is my favorite in a very, very long time! Post Angela Valdez, the show’s definitely not pulling its punches. And also, because this is the final season, every possibility, as far as its remotely interesting, is fair game.

If you haven’t seen Power S06E06, you should leave now. SPOILER ALERT!!

Seeing the old gang work together again was euphoric. All four of that, and yes, the count includes Keisha aka Mama Kash, aka Tommy’s new Holly, aka Lil Big Ms. very annoying to watch on TV.

The acting in this episode was good, even for Lala Anthony (Keisha)

Ghost has some balls robbing his own place. That’s the side of him I love to see; a man willing to risk everything for what he wants, not whoever that was always pining over Angela in the past.

Ramona will figure out Ghost had something to do with the robbery at the club.

Alfonso got stupid, and Ghost wasted no time throwing him under the bus. His death was a big win for Rashad Tate’s campaign.

Cousin Benny is not to be trifled with; he’ll definitely be on to Tommy soon, and I think Tariq will be a casualty of the ensuing assault.

And, why’s Tacha so shocked Tariq can lie to her face? After all, she and Ghost, by their actions and inactions, helped teach him the art, coupled with his internship with Kanan 🤷.

At this point, the reason for Keisha’s hatred of the St. Patrick’s confirmed. She wants her and Tommy to become the new powerhouse couple so bad she can’t see her hate of them is stemmed from jealousy.

Jason is beginning to get on my nerves. The effontry; who does he think he is? Should James and Tommy put asides their differences again because of him, he’ll to exiting the show in a body bag like all the connects before him. I hope he says “hi” to Lobos for me.

Vincent too should be getting ready to exit this life as he knows it. He messed with the wrong crew.

Dre has the police watching him, and still has the guts to stab someone in broad daylight. That’s some big, saggy balls! 😂

Last, but most important; when will Ghost and Ramona do the do? The suspense is killing me. 🤦