HTGAWM: The Show’s Having The Time Of Its Life

So much happened in last week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder, S06E04, but I want to first talk about this guy, Solomon Vick, aka Papa Mikaela.

His world seems like something out of a TEDx conference, very different from what our favs have been living in. And I’m very excited about all the many possibilities his arrival promises for the show.

Then, there’s Annalise and her budding multiple love arcs. Tegan clearly has feelings her, she’s had it since last season, and now this guy I’ve forgotten his name, but this is his first episode on the show and I swear he’s got it got for Annalise, that’s if he isn’t faking it.

Clearly, Ms. Keating is at a point in her life (and storyline) where she’s once again conflicted about her sexuality, but time will tell who she settles with, that’s if either doesn’t betray her first.

Frank will be lucky to still be alive after that brutal beating. He deserves it though, going into that warehouse after Laurel like that was stupid.

I wonder what brings Ashur sister into town. And I also wonder if Connor will sleep with her to get back at Ashur for sleeping with his mom. I love a good pay back story 😁.

Oliver and Connor’s threesome: weird couple trying to spice up their marriage 😂.

Nate is crazy if he thinks he can snitch on Annalise and live to tell the tale. His death obviously beckons.

This was a good episode. A filler that didn’t feel like a filler, #Supernatural could learn on for two things. I really enjoyed it.

What did I miss? Tell me.

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