All The Times ‘Suits’ Changed The Law Firm’s Name

Fans of Suits were no strangers to change of names during it’s run. It was almost like an every season tradition that makes you wonder, how does a real firm go through this many series of name-change and not tank?

To make it easier for those who’ve forgotten, here’s a list of all the times Suits changed the name of its beloved law firm.

1. Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke

When Jessica joined the firm this we’re the names on the wall, until she and Daniel Hardman usurped the balance because Charles Van Dyke who hired her did so on gender basis, not qualifications, and lied to her face about it.

2. Pearson Hardman

After winning with Jessica Pearson, Daniel Hardman grew a comfortable pair of balls and started stealing from the firm and framing Louis for it. Jessica got Harvey, who was relatively new and ambitious at the time to look into it. The secrets revealed Hardman had been stealing to impress his girlfriend all along.

3. Pearson

For his misdemeanors, Jessica had Hardman’s name off the wall, and for a while rode solo.

4. Pearson Darby

To scrub off the lasting scent of Hardman’s stench, Jessica married Edward Darby for his deep pockets. Well, that lack of romance went well for a while.

5. Pearson Darby Specter

Harvey was unhappy with Jessica’s meager with Darby, so he fought to have his name up there too.

6. Pearson Specter

It turned out Jessica set Darby up to fail from the very beginning; and when her plan finally revealed itself, Darby was back to his solo company, and Jessica and Harvey had the firm all to themselves for a while.

7. Pearson Specter Litt

Louis figured out Mike never attended or graduated from Havard Law, and leverage this info to strong-arm Jessica into publicly announcing him as name partner.

8. Specter Litt

After Jessica leaves for Chicago to have a more quiet life with more good in it, Harvey and Louis are forced to restructure and take down her name in the process.

9. Zane Specter Litt

Jessica’s long-time frenemy leaves Rand, Caldor & Zane to join Specter Litt. This gives them a better standing in the eye of the public following Mike’s trial and Jessica leaving.

10. Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams

When Robert joined the firm he brought Samantha with him. At first, she’s more trouble than good, but she eventually finds footing with the core team and like the ones before her, would trash anyone who stands in their way. This loyalty gets her to name partner within a short time, same as Williams.

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