HTGAWM: Everyone Who Has Died On ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

How To Get Away With Mother (HTGAWM) is back for its sixth and final season, and in commemoration of everyone who’ll die this season aside from Annalise (if that funeral scene isn’t even staged) I’ve decided to put together a list of everyone who’s died so far on the show; at least every death worth mentioning.

Some have been more painful that others (RIP Ronald Miller 😭), while some not so much (continue to rot in the grave, Wes😈), but in the end a part of us is chipped away everytime a beloved character bites the dust.

Aside from Wes, in no particular order, these are 10 people who’ve died on How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)

PS: It isn’t news that my favorite death on the show is Wes’, so naturally he takes top spot. The rest are fair game.


Selfish, ungrateful, demanding – these and many more Wes was in life. Annalise risked everything for him, and all he gave her in return were heartaches after heartaches. The gravity of his death gave me so much joy.

1. Sam Keating

Annalise’s lying, cheating, sexting husband was the first major character to bite the dust. His death was a shocker, and established the most important rule for the show moving forward – No one’s safe. A lesson viewers would get reinforced two seasons later.

2. Lila Stangard

Sam’s student/ girlfriend/ side-chick. Uncovering who killed her was the first mystery on the show. How thrilling it was to unveil Sam actually did kill her, and that Annalise wasn’t crazy.

3. Rebecca Sutter

Lila’s best friend, who gets life snuffed out by a pissed Bonnie. She was a lover of Wes, so I was pleased when she died and he started to unravel 😈.

4. Emily Sinclair

The Assistant DA on the Hapstall case. She got a wrong person pissed in Ashur, and got a one-way ticket to meet her creator because of it.

5. Nate Lahey Sr.

One of the most painful deaths on the show. He was just a casualty caught in the crossfire between Annalise and the Governor. The latter who’s still yet to pay for her sins; I can’t wait to see Annalise kick her ass.

6. Ronald Miller

This was a very painful death for me mostly because of the way it happened, and through whose hands it happened. Deep down, I hope Bonnie and Nate pay for killing DA Miller.

7. Emmett Crawford

I promise, this is the last person to die on this list that didn’t deserve it. Emmett was a good guy, and just like Nate Lahey Sr., he too was caught in the crossfire between Annalise and the Governor. His son’s on to something, I hope he takes down everyone who had a hand in his death.

8. Dominick Flores

Yeah. He’s the guy who set everything in motion for Annalise’s house to blow up with Wes in it. Even though I didn’t like Wes, he was one of the good guys, so Dominick’s death was so satisfying.

9. Caleb Hapstall

He killed his adoptive parents and framed his sister for it, that’s a bad guy. RIP Caleb.

10. Todd Denver

DA Denver choose the wrong side to work with when he choose the Castillo’s. His death happened off-scream, which is the only part I didn’t find satisfying.

Whose death was more satisfying for you?

Did I miss any of your favorites? If yes, who?

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