This Is Us: There Are Many New Characters In Season Four’s Premiere

This Is Us’ is back for its 4th season, people! And the show wasted no time in getting us in the mood for more tearjerking. My advice: stock up on tissues, for you’ll be needing them.


The bulk of the season premiere was spent on new characters, whose lives, one way or the other, will impact The Pearsons across generations. But don’t worry, we get enough of Jack Pearson and Rebecca Pearson to douse our summer-long hunger.

It’s good to see Jennifer Morrison on the small screen again; I’ve missed her since ‘Once Upon A Time‘ ended last year. The producer(s) of the show says she (and the other new characters) are important to the storyline this season, so it’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing more of them.

Keep an eye out for Ashante Blackk (Kevin Richardson in Netflix’s ‘When They See Us‘); he plays Malik this season. Should his story-arc progress the way I think it will we should be looking at another Emmy-nomination for this talented 17 year old.

Have you seen the season premiere? Did you enjoy it, or are the many new characters to care for something of worry for you? Do tell.

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