Rinzy Reviews ‘Money Heist’ Season 3 (2019)

Release Date: July 19

Network: Netflix

Starring: Alvaro Morte, Miguel Herran, Ursula Corbero, et al.


‘Money Heist‘ has taken the world by storm! At least that’s what social media would make us believe. I do miss the days when we that followed it were just a small community.

In a perfect world, a group of criminals bold enough to declare a robbery revolution on the system sounds like an interesting material, one that’s strong enough to hold viewer’s spellbound for a long time. But watching this third part, I couldn’t help but feel like Money Heist’s outlived its welcome.

Don’t get me wrong, this season isn’t a bore, it’s just doesn’t start out like the rollercoaster, suspense-filled ride of the first two seasons.

After the fairy tale ending that was the second season finale, I hoped Money Heist wouldn’t fall into the temptation of some of the most popular ones before it (remember TVD?) But it did. Netflix just had to commission another season because for the streaming giants, a two season run is a failure. What Netflix didn’t factor in is that the entire premise of the show packs it into a tight corner, making it difficult to hold strong the moment the premiere heist ended without feeling monotonous.

It’s obvious Netflix’s all about milking this cow for what it’s worth.

We see this in multiple facets throughout the season, particularly through Andrea/Berlin’s return through past encounters with Sergio/The Professor. But then, it feels like a loss for fans because this version is less appealing than the misogynistic bastard who gave his life to save his crew.

The season gets off to a mostly boring start, by the last two seasons’ standard. For the first four episodes, it struggles to justify its existence, and in so doing relegates its signature move of suspense to an afterthought. But that mistake is fully rectified going into the last lap of the season, when we see Alicia (the new inspector-in-charge) go head-to-head with The Professor’s plans.

Feminism continues to play a big role in the show. With fierce characters like Nairobi, Tokyo, Lisbon, and Stockholm at the center of the action, demanding to be accorded as much respect as their male counterparts. teammates, the show’s clearly preaching the gospel the best way it knows how to.

New additions to the team – Bogota and Palermo – add new dynamics to the show, and for the most part they’re cool. But for Alicia the story’s different. She’s a beast. If you’ve ever thought about what pregnancy would look like on someone without being termed a disability, try Alicia. I hate to admit this, but I think this woman might just be the end of Heist crew.

With that explosive season finale, we pray by some miracle season four arrives earlier than planned.

If you can, do watch this show in the original Spanish with English subtitle — it’s more beautiful that way.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3.5/5

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