Rinzy Reviews ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ (2018)

Release Date: December 28

Network: Netflix

Starring: Fionn Whitehead, Will Poulter, Asim Chaudhry, et al.


Although Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a unique movie, it’s sure to leave you feeling funny and, if like me, somewhat sick. The crazy thing is, I admit it’s a good movie. I’m all for a movie that doesn’t follow the conventional rules and expectations of audience, and that’s exactly what Bandersnatch does. Everything about it is strange. A pity it came across as a little but too much for my system to handle. The constant looping of specific scenes made it seem as though I was losing my mind.

The interactive viewing experience thing is most likely what the movie will be remembered for more than any of its many alternative endings. The way you the viewer seemingly control Stefan’s (Fionn Whitehead) actions is the breakthrough action of this film event. Believe me when I tell you Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has come to change the way films will be made, especially for streaming and other e-platforms. This really isn’t a good thing because certainly not all will be great in reviews like the pioneer and we might have more people ending a movie feeling worse than they started.

There’s gore, blood and violence, all themes that make a good movie these days. If only sex on a loop was added to the mix, maybe I might’ve liked Bandersnatch better. I recommend you give it a shot and make up your mind whether you like it or not; the experience certianly differs from person to person.

Directed by: David Slade

Rinzy’s Rinzy: 2.5/5

RR’s Top 6 Nollywood Films Of The Year 2018

There hasn’t been a year in Nollywood as good as 2018. It was a fabulous year, especially in its last quarter (particularly the month of December). Multiple nollywood movies garnering critical acclaims at the same time is something not usually seen, so understand why I and some other people might be excited at how far the industry’s come. We can only hope this positive development piques the interests of indifferent viewers into going out of their way to support the industry by watching flicks it puts out for consumption; for without the consumers, the producers produce in vain.

In this year, we had movies spanning multiple genres; from the mouth-watering-cuisine-filled Royal Hibiscus Hotel, to the supernatural thriller Sylvia to gangster-ganja monster-hit King of Boys to family drama Lionheart, there was just about everything for everybody depending on your taste. Fret not, Ebony Life was very much active last Christmas season; they had their usual mindless comedy to thrill fans, this time in the form of Chief Daddy. I’m happy industry now has an official box office system, so we don’t get to believe any of the hogwash EL and filmone forced down our throats in the name of box office king. And, it’s my prayer the ills and sins of Nigeria doesn’t get to taint it before it even kicks off.

I, honestly, don’t get to see as much Nigerian movies at the cinema. This is because I’m careful about what my eyes sees (I don’t want my IQ dropping at an alarming rate). But with the overall performance of the out-gone year, in terms of movie quality, I’m willing to let me guard down a little, and so should you.

Without wasting any more time, let me reveal the six movies I believe redefined the Nigerian movie industry in the year 2018.

6 God Calling

There hasn’t been much Christian-themed production in recent time, and I don’t think there’s ever been one with a quality as great as this one. God calling is that movie you need to supercharge your faith in the right direction.

5 Up North

“Northern Nigerian is beautiful”. That’s a phrase you might have heard from someone who’s visited any of the states there. Thanks to this movie, many people get to visit there too (Bauchi State), and see the north has more to over than the ugliness of Boko Haram.

4 Knockout Blessing

Dare Olaitan thrilled the world when he released Ojukokoro a little over two years ago. With Knockout Blessing, he tells the world in unequivocal terms that he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

3 Sylvia

Supernatural thrillers were a stable of Nollywood back in the days; it was good to see it make a return, and to the big screen. Zainab Balogun puts in one of the best performance of her career as the titular character.

2 King of Boys

Kemi Adetiba brought to life a highly entertaining movie here. With high, octane-filled energy acting, and a cinematography like nothing ever seen before in Nollywood, almost everyone who visited the cinema left feeling entertained.

1 Lionheart

Rightly called “The feel good movie of the year” – Wilfred Okichie; Lionheart is definitely the biggest Nollywood movie of 2018. Becoming the first Nigerian Netflix Original speaks greatly for it. It’s a movie with a simple plot, but its name has been carved into the sands of history. Director and star Genevieve Nnaji put a lot of work into this movie, I’m happy it’s paying off – critically and financially. Click here to read my review.

I’ll like to know what you think in the comment box below.

RR’s Most Anticipated Movies Of 2019

I guess it’s safe to say the years already on a trajectory. Day 4 now, and counting, it’ll be another December before you know it. But before the end, there needs to be a middle… A middle where various movies are highly anticipated to make us not feel lost in the stress of the world. For this reason, this is a list of my most anticipated movies of the year; movies I believe will be appealing to everyone who cares to watch.

2018 was great; 2019 will be greater.

Without wasting much time, this is Rinzy Review’s most anticipated movies for the year 2019.

1. Escape Room (Jan. 4)

2. Glass (Jan. 18)

3. The Kid who would be King (Jan. 25)

4. Happy Deathday To You (Feb. 14)

5. Alita: Battle Angel (Feb. 14)

6. How To Train Your Dragon (Feb. 22)

7. Chaos Walking (Mar. 1)

8. Captain Marvel (Mar. 7)

9. US (Mar 15)

10. Pet Sematary (April 5)

11. Shazam (April 5)

12. Hellboy (April 12)

13. Dumbo (April 19)

14. The curse Of La Llorona (April 19)

15. Avengers: Endgame (April 26)

16. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (May 10)

17. John Wick Chapter 3 (May 17)

18. Ad Astra (May 24)

19. Alaadin (May 24)

20. Brightburn (May 24)

21. Godzilla: King of the monsters (May 31)

22. Xmen: Dark Phoenix (June 7)

23. Men In Black International (June 14)

24. Toy Story 4 (June 21)

25. Child’s Play (June 21)

26. Ford Vs. Ferrari (June 28)

27. Annabelle 3 (July 3)

28. Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 5)

29. Lion King (July 19)

30. Terminator 6 (July 19)

31. Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw (Aug. 2)

32. The New Mutants (Aug. 2)

33. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (Aug. 9)

34. Artemis Fowl (Aug. 9)

35. IT: Chapter 2 (Sept. 6)

36. Joker (Oct. 4)

37. Zombieland 2 (Oct. 11)

38. Charlie’s Angels (Nov. 1)

39. Sonic the Hedgehog (Nov. 8)

40. Kingsman 3 (Nov. 8)

41. Frozen 2 (Nov. 22)

42. Knives Out (Nov. 27)

43. Rambo 5: Last Blood (Dec. 13)

44. Star Wars Episode 9 (Dec. 20)

45. Jumanji 3 (No date yet)

46. The Irishman (No date yet)

47. Spawn (no date yet)

Rinzy Reviews ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Season 3 (2019)

Release Date: January 1

Network: Netflix

Starring: Neil Patrick Harris, Louis Hynes, Patrick Warburton, Lucy Punch, Malina Weissman, Presley Smith et al.


I’ll just go out and say it. The best part of Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events is easily Neil Patrick Harris’s Count Olaf. The dexterity with which NPH brings to life the cartoonish character appeals greatly to me. In this third and final season, Olaf is still very much appealing. It’s safe to say there’s no A Series Of Unfortunate Events without Count Olaf. And I’m happy the show’s ending while the ovation is still loud instead of dragging out unnecessarily the way The Vampire Diaries did. Continue to RIP, baby. 😘

The central themes this season are family and redemption. The Bauldelaires are still trying to find their parents or, more accurately, find out all the many secrets their parents left in their wake for the discovering, whilst still trying to evade the dreaded Count Olaf (who’s still wearing incredulous costumes that actually works). Olaf gets to contend with winning his parents approval (more accurately the people who raised him, and taught him how to set things and people on fire); this gives some much needed heart to the show’s story this season. Even Lemony Snicket (the narrator) gets a backstory this season. Whilst the tale of connecting with key family members looks good, it’s actually redemption that takes the crown. It’s the arc on which the whole story winds up, bringing to the forefront one of my favorite film quotes paraphrased herein: “There are no good or evil people; only humans.” It brings to light that every person’s actions are directed by their individual, selfish drives and desire —be thou good or bad. It was good to see Olaf do one good thing, even though the journey to that act wasn’t smooth (literally and figuratively), it was good to see all the same.

We get some Lemony Snicket backstory, which I very much approve of. I just would’ve loved if the writing connecting him to Count Olaf was tighter, it would’ve made me itch to know more. I honestly didn’t really care about Snicket and Beatrice, or their shared past with Olaf, which I know is wrong.

Just like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, A Series of Unfortunate Events is silly and extremely self aware, and that’s why I love it. I’ll miss the theme song especially the part that implores us to “look away” because the tale is one of sadness.

Some people might not like the way the show ended. It’s only normal that there are opposing opinions. But I thought it was good, and ended beautifully. This season is definitely the series best. I’d like to know your own thought in the comment box below.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3.5/5

Ten Seven Grossing Movies of 2018

2018 has been a very interesting year for movies, and seems to be getting even more interesting just as its gradually coming to an end. It was in this year we had massive, shocking hits like Black Panther and more shocking hits like A Quiet Place and Crazy Rich Asians. With movies like Aquaman, Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns all set to battle for box office supremacy it’s as though the year’s not done with us yet. Old records have been broken and new ones formed this year, let’s see which ones actually smiled to the bank while making history.

RR brings to your recollection the top ten movies with the highest earnings in 2018 so far.

7 Deadpool 2 – $734.2M
6 Mission Impossible: Fallout – $791M
5 Venom – $844M
4 The Incredibles 2 – $1.24B
3 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – $1.30B
2 Black panther – $1.35B
1 Avengers: Infinity War – $2.05B

Note: This article was originally written in December, 2018.

Rinzy Reviews ‘Lionheart’ (2018)

Release Date: December 21

Starring: Genevieve Nnaji, Pete Edochie, Nkem Owoh, Onyeka Onwenu, et al.


Much wasn’t heard about Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart 🦁 until the announcement that it was screening at TIFF broke; which was then quickly followed by reports that she’d signed a huge deal with Netflix to make it the streaming giant’s first Original film from Nigeria. Talk about a real boss move. Take away the recent negative reports it’s been getting in the local media, Lionheart is poised to be the movie that really takes Nigeria to the world.

The Obiagus are a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian transport business, especially in the southeast. When they’re faced with yet another challenge that threatens their continued existence, it’s up to Adaeze to fight for them to love another day. The plot is simple, but not foolish even though the story progresses predictably. As Ms. Adaeze, Ms. Nnaji gets her chance to paint women in the right light as strong, focused and goal-oriented individuals, and not damsels in distress always in need of saving as usually portrayed in movies. She also portrays the Nigerian extended family in a better light than what’s usually obtainable in Nollywood movies, where the uncle’s usually evil and has a more evil agenda. These are big pluses to me.

Jemima Osunde’s awesome as always. I love you very much. Bigger you this 2019, I pray. 😍

The appearance by many veterans caused me great nostalgia, and I appreciate seeing them once again. That family dinner scene is everything a true Igbo family food time really is; big shouts out to the oldies – Pete Edochie, Onyeka Onwenu, Nkem Owoh and Ngozi Ezeonu.

There are so many other things I love about this movie, most special is the choice of acting talents to bring to life key roles. Ms. Nnaji and her team take steps to tighten gaps which may have translated into a disaster without their foresight, take for example Phyno’s vincible role as the lyricist on the roll son of a wealthy man who wants nothing to do with the family business, and Peter Okoye’s glorified cameo role.

The movie’s high on humor, and what makes it all the more great is that these funny scenes aren’t forced. Take for instance, Nkem Owoh… He’s not his usual, boisterous self most know, but his character’s humor’s always on point. You see a new angle to the actor with every nail and delicacy he drives home his character’s points.

Like all things, there’s good and bad in this movie, too, especially flaws in the editing, like when Ada used the door to unwittingly knockout one of the two men accosting her uncle in the basement.

The music’s decent. Cinematography is good, especially in the scenes where the beautiful scenery of Enugu is at the forefront. Ms. Nnaji’s direction is commendable especially when one recalls it’s her first attempt.

Lionheart is a beautiful movie, you should check it out if you haven’t.

Favorite scenes:

The external auditors scene was hilarious. Those guys repeating after the woman are silly.

Favorite Quotes:

Two of my favorite quotes are between Onyeka Onwenu and Genevieve Nnaji:

“Never come between two brothers.”

“Sit up. Then shut up.”

Directed by: Genevieve Nnaji

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5