Rinzy Reviews ‘Blindspotting’ (2018)

Release Date: July 27

Box-Office: $4.8M

Starring: Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal, Janina Gavankar, Utkarsh Ambudkar, et al.

Collin (Daveed Diggs) must make it through his final three days of probation for a chance at a new beginning in his Oakland, Calif., neighborhood. His bond with his volatile best friend Miles (Rafael Casal) soon gets tested when Collin sees a police officer shoot a suspect in the back during a chase through the streets. Things soon come to a head when the buddies attend a party at the upscale home of a young and wealthy tech entrepreneur.

With a script penned by the two main characters, who also happen to be real-life, childhood friends, Blindspotting tries its best to address the prevalent topics of prejudice and racism by the American police force against the black community. 2018 can be seen as the year the latter fight this oppression better than before, at least through movies, as can be seen in ‘Blindspotting’ and ‘The Hate U Give’.

Blindspotting is a beautiful, thoughtful piece of work. The chemistry between the two leads is off the charts, and that’s as much because they’re terrific actors as they’re real life friends. Together, on their adventures, they shed lighting on some of the social ills plaguing the street and proffer solutions they believe will make things better. This is why I love the movie so much.

And that ending, that powerful ending is all you need to know that injustice in the world can only be defeated if people refuse to cower in fear.

Side notes:

1 The scene where Collin confronts Miles about his reckless behavior and him trying hard to act street black to both their detriment, and citing the fact that the police would always attack the black man first ignoring the fact that the white man could just be the nigga they’re searching for is a very powerful one.

Directed by: Carlos Lopez Estrada

Rinzy’s Rating: 4.5/5

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