Rinzy Reviews ‘Light As A Feather’ Season One (2018)

Release Date: Oct. 12, 2018

Network: Hulu/ 10 episodes/ 25 minutes

Starring: Liana Liberato, Peyton List, Haley Ramm, Dylan Sprayberry, Brianne Tju, Ajiona Alexus, et al.


2018 is a good year for popular games turning malicious and killing off teens one after the other -obnoxious and well-behaved alike. First, it was Truth or Dare, and, now, it’s the turn of not-so-popular Light as a feather, stiff as a board.

🎶 She’s dying. She’s dying. She’s dead. 🎵

‘Light as a Feather’ is a 10-episode horror TV show that features a game gone wrong, when a group of teenage friends begin dying off just as predicted and need to solve the mystery before they’re all gone. 

 Five people play the game, but only one person survives to play again with another set of five. Spooky, right?

The show makes it clear from the start who the villain is… Death. But even the greatest mystery of the beyond needs a person to help it interact physically, and in this light we’re introduced to Violet, the new, mystery girl. 

When Violet first comes on scene she’s introduced as a fragile girl helpless in the presence of bullies. This quickly changes towards the end of the first episode when her creative stories during the game tells us a bit of how fucked up her mind really is. As the show progresses, episode after episode, we understand, but aren’t really sure how messed up she is until the events of episode-8 when her grandmother collapses and she’s made vulnerable. I hoped there was a better twist to her story, something different from a helpless teenager submitting to the will of a greater power.

The only reason Violet was able to breakthrough the girl’s ranks. She was able to do so by capitalizing on their secrets and emotionally blackmailing them with it: think Candace and Isaac vs. Olivia or Alex and Jenna vs. McKenna. The moral of this story is secrets are never cool; they do more harm than good.

Although ‘Light as a feather’ passes itself as a horror show it easily comes across as angst-ridden. It also features a love triangle, which, thankfully, wasn’t dragged on for too long. It narrowly escapes The CW story treatment, I’d have hated if it behaved totally like another installment of Pretty Little Liar. 

Viewers who don’t fancy hardcore horror will be delighted to know that Light as a Feather isn’t the type of show that stays with you long after the end credits roll. It’s easily forgettable. Asides a few scare here and there, there’s almost nothing to worry about, I think. But that doesn’t mean an occasional thrill isn’t guaranteed while watching. 😁

McKenna is easily my favorite character. She’s my show lead because she gets the highest screentime and best backstory. Yeah, I liked the dead twin thing fighting for her from the great beyond. McKenna is compassionate, and that part of her shines throughout the story. It occasionally gets her in trouble as can be seen in minor clashes with her mother and that time in the season finale she decides to trust Violet against the better judgement of her remaining living friends. Tragedy was the catalyst that began her story arc -the death of her sister- and that same tragedy helped save the lives of her friends. At the end of the day, the price she gets to pay seems to be her soul; we’re not really sure how this happened, we’ll just wait until the show returns for a second season.

At first, I thought the show was a one-time thing, a miniseries. But after that season finale packed with juicy, somewhat unwarranted cliffhangers, a sophomore season looks inevitable; that’s if Hulu deems it worthy. I, for one, will like to know who took Henry. My money’s on Mark’s sister. 

Side note: It’s good to see Dylan Sprayberry back on screens. He was cool on Teen wolf.

Light as a feather doesn’t have the glam treatment most shows in this age easily command. Its budget might not be much, but it does have a decent production to boast of.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3.5/5

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