Rinzy Reviews ‘The First Purge’ (2018)

Release Date: July 4, 2018

Budget/ Box-Office: $13M/ $135.6M

Starring: Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, 

Rinzy’s Rating: 2.5/5


Some movies, by virtue of reading the plot, stirs emotions you never knew you had. Gets you excited because your mind’s already gone ahead to tell you all the possible ways said movie would be good.

Well, that’s what The First Purge did to me when I first heard it was coming. 

 Unfortunately, the movie didn’t turn out to be what it poised itself as. Worse, it isn’t even like the three Purge movies before it. It’s boring, annoying and has extremely boring, annoying characters. Goddamit!

Movies in the The Purge franchise have always been about what America might look like in future if the world continues to head towards population explosion and the need to give her citizens a night off to let out their anger and act without fear of consequences from a government peddling its own agenda.

At its core, they’ve really been about human nature and what we’re capable of doing if we didn’t have to worry about the consequences. 

The First Purge tells the story of how the whole Purge thing started; how the government tricked its own people into becoming serial killers for one night to purge themselves of hate, anger and other common bottled up vices. It’s interesting to see the government portrayed as the real villains here as can be seen in their efforts to make the Purge work no matter the what.

America has become a failed state and must do anything to work again… Who wouldn’t like to see that happen in real life?

The Purge movies have always got me thinking more about the concepts of morality and legality. That something is legal doesn’t make it right. I want to believe murder for any reason isn’t right, and this is something the scientist working with the government discovers, too, late when she asks herself “What have I done?”

The First Purge is very predictable, and don’t get me started on the reason being that it’s a prequel, there are better ways to do a such without making the viewers feel unintelligent. In this movie you see characters making questionable decisions, taking actions without any tangible motivation. Not to even get started about the horrible acting; nobody gets to shine better than the others, not even Insecure’s Y’lan Noel could save this movie from being what it is – a big mess.

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