Rinzy Reviews ‘Tag’ (2018)

Release Date: June 15, 2018

Budget/ Box-office: $28M/ $77.7M

Starring: Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 2.5/5


Based on a true-life story, Tag is tagged a comedy and that’s like the only thing right with about the movie.

It did get a few high moments, but the lows were so much it’s easier to forget it ever made you chuckle in the first place.

The plot follows a group of friends playing the same game -Tag- throughout the month of May for more than 30 years. Now adults, and still into each other as much as they were as kids, they have a slogan that drives them on, which I thought was pretty cool… 

We don’t stop playing because you get old, we get old because we stop playing’.

One of these man-babies named Jerry (Renner) has managed to keep a clean sheet throughout the more than 30 years they’ve played the game, simply by being the best at it. 

Based on a true life story, Tag tries to tell the story of family and friendship; what nonsexual true love really is, and how most of our childhood friends eventually remain our only true friends until the day we die. It got me thinking about my time as a child and how little of my friends from way back I still keep in touch with. But it fails to deliver on the things it promised.

Instead, Tag boasts of a poorly written script. It’s just one arc about Tagging Jerry we hear repeated throughout its almost 2 hours run-time. We’re being forced to excruciatingly sit through the many tactics the gang comes up with to catch Jerry, only to watch him slip through them again and again.

Not one of the many characters come across as remotely interesting, talk more of supporting characters, especially the journalist from The Wall Street journal – I thought she was totally unnecessary.

In what posed itself to look like a gleam of hope, towards the ending, the story appears to take itself a bit serious, providing semblance of a high stake by revealing one of the main characters of being inflicted with cancer. Because of how many times lies and deceit has been used in the plot to further the wiles of the game, at this point, one isn’t sure if it’s just another of them or if someone’s going to die.

It doesn’t matter though, as it’s reconned almost immediately for another jolt of tag-induced fun. See? 

Fair enough, this isn’t to say Tag is a horrible movie; believe me, if it was I would’ve taken longer than three pauses-and-plays to finally finish it or mightn’t have finished it at all.

Feel free to see the movie and make up your own opinion about it.

PS: I felt Jeremy Renner was having the time of his life playing Jerry, whose skills had a tidbit of Hawkeye’s. 

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