Rinzy Reviews ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ (2018)

Release Date: July 27, 2018

Budget/Box-Office: $178M/ #736.1M

Starring: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett, Sean Harris, Ving Rhames, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5


Anyone who accuses the Mission: Impossible movies of being cliche wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But it’s the amount of effort inputed to make the final product look exquisite that makes them get all the praises, raves and attention. 

Fallout is no exception to what fans have come to expect from an MI movie: a fast-paced, action-packed entry that gets you scared again and again for Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) safety only for him to come out successful, and the mission, possible.

The plot for Fallout is a tad silly, if you really think about it. It takes the spill off from the previous movie (Rogue Nation) and tries to weave something beautiful off it. But does it really succeed at that? 

In the absence of their leader, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), remnants of the The syndicate, the terrorist group from Rogue Nation, get revamped and present themselves as The Apostles; their mission is to let anarchy rain on the world by blowing one-third of its population and foster please through the great sufferings that’ll follows. The bulk of the action that follows is the good and bad side fighting for what they believe in.

Talking about good and bad side, Henry Cavill’s Agent Walker is a welcome addition to the franchise. His Superman-like physique makes him an easy scene stealer. Though not the best actor in the world, Cavill will easily make a terrific action star. It took me a while to figure out which side he was really playing for and, although his arc was resolved satisfactorily, I’d have loved if his story played out less predictably. After seeing his performance in this movie, I want to see him in more non-Supes role. 

And… Remember all the fuss with Justice League and Cavill’s moustache? Said moustache looked alluuring as f*ck. 😌

What then makes this movie interesting? Some might ask.

The answer is simple… Tom Cruise. His realistic, full-frame, single-shot, death-defying stunts are what gets us hooked and keep returning movie-after-movie. No one currently does it like him in Hollywood and the day he decides to step down from the role might just be the end of the IMF as we know it. 😶 

The stunt choreography and action scenes are easily Fallout’s strongest links. The bathroom scene and the action scenes that follow from when SPOILER was ousted as a double agent are easily my best. I’m sure some might wonder why I didn’t include the helicopter scene? The answer’s simple: It was nice, but lengthy, so I didn’t really fancy it. 😌

Many of the supporting casts/character were awesome. Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa, Luther and Benji are all delights uto watch as always. The latter’s still bearing the burden of being the franchise’s comic relief, his jokes are mostly unintentional, yet funny, which makes him perfect. 

Angela Bassett gets to shine as Erica Sloane, CIA boss and the one who narratively brings in Agent Walker into the motion picture. I don’t need to tell you how much of a star Bassett is; I, for one, am grateful she agreed to grace us with her fierce presence in this movie. 

Like all things, there’s bad as much as there’s good…

If there’s one thing I’ve come to dislike about the Mission: Impossible movies it’s the stakes, or lack of thereof. There’s no real consequence to threats and actions dished of in the course of its narratives. It’s as though the producers are afraid of killing off important characters or actually blowing up places of real consequences… My jaw dropped when the Vatican was said to have been blown, only to find out it was a ruse.

The plots of the MI movies mostly come across as an excuse for having orgasmic action scenes, which I believe would be made better when there are equal reactions to all these threats.

But not to worry; the famous soundtrack, which infamously ushers in heart-stopping thrill scenes and death-defying stunts will surely get you excited and properly immersed in the movie as you watch it. 

Honestly, though predictable, I don’t want the franchise to end, not now, not ever. Yeah, I’m guilty. I love it, too.

Bonus: My favorite scene is the one where the French policewoman, who luckily sees Hunt and his crew with Lane gets shot. I felt an aura of strong emotions there especially when Hunt apologized to her.

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