​’The Originals’ Series Finale

It’s been eight years since the Mikelsons first popped up in our lives and five years since they’ve headlined their own show. Like all things, whatever has a beginning must also have an end; and the end is here for The Originals.
The number one big bad family in all of fiction TV bows out with a literal poof.

Before the series finale aired, I ran a poll asking people if they thought Klaus was going to survive the episode. Surprisingly, many thought he would. It was obvious they haven’t been paying attention to Julie Plec’s works. Not only did we say a permanent goodbye to Klaus, we also did same to Elijah. Shocker.

The love Elijah has for his younger brother arguably dwarves that many romantic couple have for each other. I never saw his sacrifice coming, and, to be honest, it didn’t really make much sense to me. I mean, why choose to die with your brother when you’ve got his daughter to take care of in his absence?

On a slightly lighter side, Rebecca hasn’t yet outgrown her obsession with turning human, which is disappointing, if you ask me. Oh well, she’ll soon be dead, and the world will have one less original vampire to deal with.

Freya asking Vincent to father her and Keelin’s hold was funny and silly, as the build up to that particular scene can best be described as shallow.

The earlier seasons of ‘The Orignals’ were some of the best; Davina and the harvest girls, Aunt Dahlia, Mikel, Sophie Devereux, Celeste, Lucius, etc. It’s quite funny that the boring fourth season, which introduced The Hollow provided the overaching storyline that ended the show. It was fun while it lasted, and I’m ready to move on. I won’t be watching ‘Legacies’ though.


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