Power Is Back, And It’s Still Awesome!!! 

This article is one week late… I know, it’s on purpose.😂. Let’s just get over that fact and move on to expressing our excitement that we’ll be hearing ‘this is a big, rich town weekly, again... 🎶. 

Here is what I had to say after the season premiere last week. Episode 2 drops today… Maybe Dre and/or Tariq might die in this one. 😌. We’re being hopeful. ✌. 

#Power is back! And there’s a lot still happening. 

The season 5 premiere showed us the show isn’t here to play, and that’s certainly a good thing. 

Some things are still constant: 

1. Tariq is still as stupid as ever. 

2. Dre is bloody annoying and needs to die ASAP. 

3. Ghost needs to start taking responsibility for the part he involuntary later in Raina’s death. 

4. Lekeisha is looking to be the world’s greatest friend… And
5. Angela Valdez is as dirty as any dirty cop can be. 

This is a big, rich town, but we’re mostly from the poorest parts. #Power isn’t here to play at all. Strap-in for the ride this season. 👌. #RinzyReviews

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