Rinzy Reviews ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ (2018)

I didn’t think ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ was a bad movie. Granted, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s chemistry is still very poor and the acting is mostly lackluster and unconvincing, but this third entry made more sense than the first two combined (my opinion, inugo? 😉). We got to know Jack Hyde’s obsession with Anna stems from his jealousy of the life Christian, which should’ve been his as they both had equal chances of being adopted by the Grey family. And we finally got to see Christian as a guy capable of more emotion than a sexual dominator. 

Yes. The execution might’ve been poor, but you can’t totally dismiss the intent of the producers to make sense of the source material. I do feel the movie (and trilogy) would’ve been so much better if it didn’t take itself so serious only to falter in execution. We’ll just leave this correction, and more, for when an inevitable remake’s due or subsequent movies that’ll touch on the BDSM topic. 

I give it a 5/10

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