2017 was a very good movie year and 2018 promises to be better. With so many wonderful movies promised, a man can only hope and follow up so much. On this list, I give you my most anticipated movies of 2018.

PS: They’re in no particular order whatsoever.

1       Avengers Infinity War – Marvel’s the current juggernaut of the cinemas, everyone of their movie is an assured hit. Next year, they’ll rule again with the culmination of their great works since 2008. Have you seen the trailer? That movie will be the bomb.

2       Deadpool 2 – If you’ve seen the first one, you definitely won’t be asking why this movie is highly anticipated.

3       Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Chris Pratt returns for another adventure with the infamous dinosaurs of the jungle. After the first movie broke boundaries in the box-office, it’s no surprise a sequel was commissioned.

4       Solo: A Star Wars Story – Another one of the Star Wars’ solo (pun not intended) movies just like ‘Rogue one’.

5       Incredibles 2 – After 14 years, one of the world’s best animated movies will be back.

6       Fantastic Beasts: The Crime of Grindelward – Even with all the controversies following the casting of Johnny Depp as the titular Grindelward, the movie is, finally, almost here.

7       Ant man and the Wasp – Another Marvel’s baby.

8       The New Mutants – Have you seen the trailer? Horror has never looked so good; the missing ingredients has always been mutants.

9       Black Panther – This is my most anticipated movie of 2018.

10      Aquaman – My God! Have you seen ‘Justice League’? Jason Momoa was built for this. Same way he was born to bring us ‘Khal Drogo’… Ha Ha!!

11      Xmen: Dark Phoenix – many people complain about the way Fox has treated the Xmen; me, I love them.
12      Tomb Raider – Alicia Vikander looks awesome on the movie posters, I hope she lives up to it and does better than being a poster girl.

13      Ocean’s 8 – This movie has one of the most impressive casts of 2018… imagine Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blachett and more?

14      The Nun – HORROR MOVIES are bae! ‘The Conjuring’ universe has had an impressive outing so far.

15      Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure – O’brien’s outing in this movie has been decent, I’ll definitely watch anything that has the man that brought Stiles Stilinski to life.

16      Bumbleebee – Tell me one autobot that’s as awesome as Bumblebee… now, he has his movie; all I have to do is hope it makes sense.

17      Fifty Shades Freed – I had high hopes for this franchise. Happy it’s finally ending.

18      Scarface- A remake of the 1984 classic.

19      Barbie – Yea, Babrbie is coming to life action. Why? Nothing more than to make money, I think.
20      Hellboy – Yea! He’s having a makeover.

21      Venom – Anything with Tom Hardy is a must-watch for me.
22      Charming
23      Pacific Rim 2: Uprising
24      Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2
25      Ready Player One
26      A Wrinkle in Time
27      Annihilation
28      The Jungle Book
29      Robin Hood
30      Cloverfield Movie
31      Cruella
32      Soldado
33      Disenchanted
34      The Predator
35      MI 6
36      Mary Poppins Returns
37      Inversion
38      Rampage
39      Creed 2
40      Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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