2017 is a good movie year… not for the box-office though, but it gave us so many movies to love, heroes to worry about, and villains to root for!
If your favorite movie makes the list, tell me. If it didn’t, tell me –mention– let’s know if it’s worth it.
In no particular order, here you go.

1       Murder on the Orient Express
2       Dunkirk
3       The Shape of Water
4       War for the Planet of the Apes
5       John Wick: Chapter 2
6       Kong: Skull Island
7       Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2
8       Thor: Ragnarok
9       Justice League
10      Alien: Covenant
11      Beauty and the Beast
12      Wonder Woman
13      Logan
14      Life
15      Star Wars: The Last Jedi
16      Spider-man: Homecoming
17      Atomic Blonde
18      Baby Driver
19      It
20      The Beguilded
21      Gerald’s Game
22      Logan Lucky
23      Coco
24      Gifted
25      The Disaster Artist
26      I, Tonya
27      Phantom Thread
28      Paddington 2
29      Jumanji
30      Girls Trip

Did you like my list? Do tell.
Did I miss anything? Do tell also.


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