‘The Wedding Party 2’ Arrives Cinemas Today!

I’ve been trailing reports from the Ebony Life camp concerning ‘The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai’ ever since the sequel was announced. Ever since I watched the trailer, my anticipation has reduced drastically (almost by half).
Because, like I said in my first article, the trailer makes the movie feel like a recap of the first one.

How would I know this?

It wouldn’t take a prophet to see. It’s more than obvious… characters with story arcs that ‘shouldn’t’ be continued, like Rosie’s obsession with Dozie and Saka’s ori-oke of Ekiti were conspicuously placed in the trailer.

I understand that the ‘powers that be’ want to retain the winning formula, but there’s a big difference between retaining the magic and repeating the action.

At the world premiere last Sunday (10/12/17), most of the casts were interviewed. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Banky W who plays Dozie said, and I rephrase, “everybody is the same, same old same old.”

Beverly Naya who plays Rosie said, and I rephrase, “Rosie is still after Dozie even though he’s married and expecting twins. Basically, she’s still the same.”

Frank Donga who plays Harrison said, and I quote, “You asked for it, we’ve brought it, the same but better. It’s for you all to enjoy.”
Three cast members basically telling em to dole out my cash to go watch the same movie probably because they increased the amount of familiar faces (like my sweet Patience Ozokwor).

The way this movie fares at the box office will teach me the finally lesson on the way the Nigerian movie market works, if the consumers like a repeat of the winning mojo of another side of the action.

– Rinzy Reviews.


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