Jon and Daenerys’ sex was disappointing.

I felt let down.

I say this with plenty sorrow in me.

After waiting seven years, all I got was five seconds of child’s play intertwined within flashes, in a scene intended to confirm roughly 20 years of fan,guessing and theories. I am pained!

Game of Thrones finally ended its seventh year run, but not before setting the entire world on fire before going on its last break between seasons – certianly , life will never be the same again, for the real world and for the world of Ice and Fire. The show made us hate incest between twin siblings but root for that between aunt and nephew. Damn!

And when the time finally came to carry out the deed, see all we got!

We are down to the final did episodes, so there’s almost certainly not going to be any more sex, not with The Wall down and the undead heading for The North now.

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