Power: What Raina’s Death Means For…

This is a sad one to write about. RIP, Raina.
The title is ambiguous because her death has implications for lots of characters on the show.

In all honesty, Ghost and Tasha are horrible parents; the State needs to sue them for custody of Tariq, before they further ruin the child’s life. 


Raina was his baby girl; she was everything he wanted his marital life to be – peaceful, loving and understanding. Her death will most certainly put a dent on the need for him to go legit. Saving his family has always been his primal instinct, but with the purest of the St. Patrick’s gone, what more is Jamie living for? Be gone Jamie, enter, Ghost.


As a wife, Tasha is 100% everything most men have and take for granted. Loving and worshipping her man even in his greatest time of trouble; how I wish she showered her children that much love and attention. The truth is, Tasha’s failed as a mother. Lord help us! Raina’s death might just be the catalyst she needs to return to her senses and stop fraternizing with Terry The Lawyer and face her two remaining children and husband squarely.


If there’s one character who’s been unapologetically annoying in recent time, it is Tariq. A recent census carried out by RR on Twitter that compared fans death wish for annoying TV characters saw Tariq win it big against heavy lifters such as, Dre, Cersei and LittleFinger. That says a lot. It’s a pity Raina had to die for Tariq to have sense again. I do hope his story arc shows him doing useful things, because I don’t think I can bare it further watching him mess up while Raina lies in a grave.

Notable mentions: Characters like Tommy, Lekeisha and Angela are sure to be bumped by the news of Raina’s death. A chain of events will be triggered. I believe Tommy will be most affected directly, while Angela’s arms might play the role of comforter to Jaime in this great time of sorrow.

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