Which Orphan Black Clone Was Your Favorite?

After 5 years, 5 seasons and 50 episodes, BBC America’s Orphan Black takes a bow. SciFi has never felt so real, simple yet captivating until Orphan Black came around; it redefined science and made it better appealing to the common man.

During the course if its run, Orphan Black discussed many issues all ranging around the importance and true meaning of family. It was mostly about cloning and the true meaning of intellectual properties. Sarah and her sisters (or sestras, as Helena calls them) all share the same face but different personalities, this and many more bear witness to the awesomeness that is actress, Tatiana Maslaney’s prowess.

I’ll try to list them as many of them as I can remember, all you have to do is tell me who’s your favorite.

1. Sarah

Sarah Manning in Orphan Black

The lead clone, and one of the only two capable of having children.

2. Beth

Beth Childs

The first clone to die because she couldnt handle the depression that came with the knowledge of being a clone. Her death started the mysteries of the series.

3. Katja Obinger

Katja Obinger

A german clone who was working with Beth. She was killed by Helena.

4. Allison Hendrix

Allison Hendrix

Allison is a tough homemaker, Who wants nothnothing more than to keep her family and sestras safe.

5. Crystal



If there anyone I forgot? Kindly remind me.

The truth is that the clone club has been through a lot, and if the final moments of the series finale is anything to go by, they’ll be living a life of peace and contentment.

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