TV Review: Game of Thrones (S07 E02 – Stormborn)

Straight of its wonderful season premiere last week, GOT continues to forge ahead.

It wouldn’t be out of place to say a lot happened in this week’s episode of game of thrones. Rightly titled ‘Storm born’, this episode had a lot to do with Daenarys of house Targayrean.

Let’s begin.

The episode picks up immediately where the last ended – Team Dany has just arrived Dragonstone, the place of her birth; ever the tough one Dany doesn’t take time to reminisce on the importance of her arrival all she wants is to take control of King’s Landing. Dany had an altercation with Varys which got me scared at first until I realized it was was all about further testing the depth of  his loyalty to the realm and her – this causes both to swear a sort of new allegiance to each other.

Dany’s meeting with the other queens of her cabal (Lady Olenna, Yara, and Ellaria) goes well. Though frictioned at the start, it ends with joy when Tyrion’s awesome advice as Hand of the Queen is that the Dothrakis and Unsullied storm and take Castarly Rocks. This move’s aimed at hitting the Lannisters at where it matters most. The other queens’ armies would then lay siege to Kings’ Landing and starve Cersei and her army to death.

The last important info to come out from Dragon stone was Melisandre’s visit to Daenarys – The Red Priestess comes with urgent news that Dany needs to summon Jon and form an alliance with the North because the long night is coming. Many of us have waited years for Dany and Jon to finally meet, and here it is.

Away from Dany and friends, we head to the Tarlys. We got to see Randal Tarly (Sam’s father) again. Randal is been coerced by the crown to join Cersei’s forces to take down Olenna (who is his rightly leader as he’s from High garden). At first, I held hope that Randal would hold his ground and refuse to align with #TeamCersei, but Jamie’s words begin to get to him, and his conscience begins to get torn.

His son on the other hand, continues to survive his mundane existence at The Citadel under the tutelage of the ArchMaester. Sam has proven to be a rebellious soul, an attribute of his not hindered by his large size or hate the rest of the world usually showers him. Sam broke the rules again – against the wish of the Archmaester, he uses a dangerous and abandoned technique to try to heal Jorah Mormont, already abandoned for death. Though a large part of the painful treatment is kept off screen, we shouldn’t be wrong to assume Jorah Mormont will love to fight another day by Danny’s side.

Talking about battle: Cersei knows Daenarys is in Westeros, and that she brought along with her an army of various hardcore savages. Ever the resourceful one, her Maester/alchemist introduces her to a weapon strong enough to pierce through dragon bone – as seen in practise with the bones of deceased dragons beneath King’s landing. Personally, I thought the weapon underwhelming – I hoped for something magical, since dragons are born of magic it is only fitting that magic should be what kills them.

There was a very important scene in this episode; it was the one between Lady Olenna and Daenarys. The dialogue was impressive, and the quotes made me reflect. Lady Olenna is arguably one of the smartest women in this universe, and when she admitted that she was alive today against the many smart men in the world (specifically like Tyrion) was because she never listened to them. Such a statement has huge implications because Dany trusts Tyrion and believes in his advice, even though she’s a strong willed woman on her own. Lady Olenna unequivocally asks her to stop behaving like a sheep and be the dragon that she is. What a wise woman!

Still at Dragon stone – there was a scene that has kept viewers wondering for years how it would eventually play out, and now that it finally did we can all conclude that it was awkward and at the most irrelevant, but since we’re arriving the end it was bound to happen sooner rather than later. This scene was the sex scene (sort of) between Missandrei and Greyworm. It’s so so awkward – I won’t talk about it.

Do you remember Hot pie – A fat boy from season two or so, during the time of Arya and Gendry? A made a comeback this episode. Arya ran into him at a tarven, still on her quest to King’s Landing to kill the queen. I didn’t enjoy their reunion as it was bland, and only existed to serve the purpose of redirecting Arya’s story-arch. Hotpie told Arya that her brother, Jon, had taken over Winterfell. That was all it took to convince Arya to go back home.

Now, I must say things are looking too good for the Starks which makes me scared. Things are never this good in this  Game of Thrones.

On Arya’s way back she also ran into a character we’ve not seen since season one – Can you guess? Try. Try… NYMERIA! Yes, Arya’s direwolf is back, and she’s returned with a pack; her pack of wolves. I must confess, this is a plus on the side of #TeamJon, as wolves are known to be brutal in battle. Though the reunion was a sad one as Nymeria still left Arya, I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of her and her pack.

Nymeria and Arya reunite

Before I get to the highlight of this episode I must not fail to mention something I observed – Lord Baelish is a pervert. A big pervert. How does one love a woman and her daughter? Anyway you spin it, it sounds disgusting, and one can only imagine what goes on in such a person’s head. Baelish went a step further to tell Jon that he loves Sans a just like he loved her mother – it sounded like he was giving Jon an early notice of his desire to have sex with his little sister… PERVERT! naturally, Jon greeted him with his fist, warning him to stay clear off Sansa. But there’s so much he can do now that he’s not going to be very much around.

Greyjoy vs Greyjoy

Give it to the producers to always know how to save the best for last. As the subtitle suggests, this is a family matter. Remember when Euron promised Cersei he wouldn’t return unless with a gift? He’s making good of his promise. As the Dornish fleet and Years head towards King’s a landing to lay siege, and Yara and Ellaria try to find entertainment in each other’s body as Theon watches, Euron struck. An all out battle on Yara’s ship that saw the death of two of the three Sand snakes (Ellaria’s daughters) and Yara and Ellaria taken hostage. Euron is such a badass. This victory means that Cersei might give in and accept his marriage proposal – after all, we all know Cersei to be willing to do anything to take down her enemies.

Euron Greyjoy

I want to appreciate Ramsey for a job well done – his work forever lives on in Theon Grey joy, or should I say, Reek. At the climax of the battle, Euron had Yara with a blade at her throat, and Theon jumped into the sea, instead of fighting to save his sister (typical characteristic of Reek). My opinion, as long as Theon lives, so does Ramsey. Reek is his legacy, and it’ll continue to speak for him.

GOT returns next Sunday at 9 p.m.


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