Rinzy Reviews: The Mummy

Release Date: June 9, 2017.

Duration: 110 mins

Budget and Box-Office: $195m and $390.2m

Rinzy’s Rating: 3/5


In the year 2008, the relatively new Marvel studios came up with the ultimate idea of planning movies ahead in time under the umbrella of a cinematic universe, where everything is connected. Fast-forward to 2017, almost a decade after, every other studio wants to copy the ultimate money making formula. One of such studios (Universal Studios) hoping to replicate what made Marvel Studios billions of dollars left us with the first movie of the Dark Universe – The Mummy.

At this time where Hollywood has practically ordered the reboot of every hit movie and TV series, The Mummy is caught in that web. Most people remember the original movie of 1999 (Imotem! Imotem!) Does this movie come close to the original? The answer is no! Is this movie entertaining in its own right? Continue reading to find out.

Tom Cruise headlines this action thriller. Yes! The real reason I said this and the original aren’t on the same par is because while the 1999 version came across more as a horror movie than an action piece, this 2017 installment is all action and thrill, no gore, no scares, no cold chill. Even the story plot about sacrifice to incur the god Ra failed to incite any form of fear chill – which I think is what made the original captivating and an instant hit.

Now, The Mummy isn’t a bad movie. The choreography and action sequences are impressive (It’s 2017, I wouldn’t expect any less); at a point, Ahmanet’s zombie minions might even confuse you into thinking you’re watching The Walking Dead on the big screen – that is to say I enjoyed the car chasing scene very much.

The Mummy (2).jpg

Talking about Ahmanaet – she wasn’t threatening at all. She came more across like a vindictive woman without a particular person to grudge against. Her back story, though not bad wasn’t really convincing. For starters, her motivation for killing her father wasn’t understood; her reason for wanting to bring Ra into human form wasn’t properly laid out for better understanding if it was part of the deal that turned her evil in the first place. Truthfully, she was a terrible villain.

Overall, the story plot was weak, I couldn’t feel anything strong.  Personally, I have a problem with exploring the Hyde and Jekyll’s story-line here: It just didn’t fit into the overall plot, and would have been much better if they had only teased us with Hyde’s presence inside Jekyll’s existence. Russell Crowe as the character wasn’t so bad.

Tom Cruise is still a bankable action movie star anytime, so if the reports of this movie not doing so well at the domestic box office means that so many things in the story didn’t appeal to the American audience. Going forward into the Dark Universe I hope they correct this mistake of convulsing plots and focus on telling a single entertaining story, instead of trying to hint at things that have no implication for now.


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