Power: What will Angela do now that she knows the truth?

One shocking act closed Starz’s hit TV show last season – and that was the arrest of Jamie ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick, for the murder of Special Agent – Greg Knox.

Since the fourth season premiered, Jamie has remained incarcerated and we’ve had to endure the proceedings of his trial, and also watching his family and business fall to pieces simply because he couldn’t fight the temptation to think with his their leg.

As painful as it was, AUSA Angela Valdez – Jamie’s childhood love – the woman he risked his marriage, children, and business to be with, happened to be the one prosecuting him at fill force (She was the one who filed the original motion for his arrest. Damn!)

Power - Jamie and Angela 1.jpg
Jamie and Angela

I’ve been forced to watch through this season and realize how dumb Angela really is. How does one shag a man for years and still can’t tell the kind of rookie mistake he cannot make? Luckily for us #TeamGhost, Angela finally figured out in Ep04 that Ghost wasn’t the one that put the gun in the drawer; if he didn’t put the gun there, he wasn’t the owner, and if he wasn’t the owner, he wasn’t Greg’s killer. I enjoyed the moment of watching Angela’s dumb face upon realization that she was wrong all along. This now opens the door to many questions and possibilities:

  • What should Angela do with this new information? The mole is still out there; no one can be trusted.
  • Does she confront Sandoval with her discovery, being that his name was logged as the last to review the surveillance tape? – We all know how this could end.
  • Does she team up with Ghost’s lawyers – Proctor or the new guy (I’ve forgotten his name)?

Whichever route she does take, we can all agree that Angela is in real danger. Sandoval is prepared to do what ever it takes to remain in the shadow of his entire proceeding. If Tommy hadn’t killed that Homeland Agent, Greg’s mentor, Sandoval certianly would have if it’d lead him to whatever evidence implicates him.

Things keep getting more interesting as Power never disappoints. My money is on Ghost getting out of jail real soon, and it’ll be by Angela’s help.

Meanwhile, can someone please tell the adults to focus on redeeming Tariq: that boy is getting useless as the day goes by.

Power airs Sunday on Star network.


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