TV Review: Game of Thrones (S07 E01 – Dragonstone)

Game of Thrones is back! Winter is finally here! Believe me when I say there’s a lot to be excited for about this season. After a delayed premiere due to a delay in production, GOT returns with a shortened season, and wastes no time picking up where our favorite characters left.

GOT s7 - Arya.jpg
Arya Stark of Winterfell

Starting the season for us is Arya – still on her murderous rage; shockingly still in Riverrun, as I assumed she’d have long been on her way to someone else on her murderous list. Arya completes her revenge by wiping out the entire Frey clan (those that matter), using Walder Frey’s face and poisoned winu; and dropping two quotes that threaten to become favorites for me:

  • If anyone asks what happened here, tell them the North remembers,
  • And that winter came for the Freys.

It’s a beautiful way to start the season especially since we all know that many more will die. At this point in the show’s existence – the final chapters – where everything is pointing towards the great war between the living and the dead, significant character deaths are almost inevitable.

We also catch up with the North and all things Jon Snow’s intentions to prepare the living for the long winter where the they’ll have to defend themselves against the dead. I noticed the seed of discord down by Littlefinger already germinating: More than once, Sansa tries to undermine Jon’s plans (words used by Jon himself). It’s understandable, the eldest Stark daughter has come a long way, having survived Cersei in King’s landing (an experience she admits caused her to learn a lot from the murderous new queen of the Andals), and sadistic Ramsey – Sansa is arguably the strongest woman in the game, after Cersei of course. (And yes! Sansa’s now a woman).

GOT s7 - Jon and Sansa.jpg
Jon Snow and Sansa Stark

A brief trip is also taken to Bran who has arrived Castle Black. Through Bran’s eyes we’re able to see The Night King – the one who’ll end all of life… He sounds like The Keeper from Legend of the Seeker. Talking about the undead, we see their team now has all the giants we used to know, WunWun and his brothers. Things are looking rougher for the land of the living, and so it hurts me whenever I still hear them argue over something as stupid as who sits on the throne.

Mehn! Still so much to talk about.


Next, is The Hound – Sandor Cleagane. This premier finally transforms him into a protagonist. This is news because, when GOT started in 2011, The Hound was revered in the whole of the kingdom, and by we (the viewers) because we didn’t understand his motivations and scary look. Then he became an anti-hero. I want to announce to y’all that The Hound is now one of the good guys! Hurray! So, how did this happen? Remember last season he ended up with the Brotherhood without Banners? Good. To put Sandor’s questions to rest, the Priest of the Lord of Light decides to introduce Sandor to the power of their Lord in a burning flame – Sandor sees something that’ll definitely be of interest in the near future; he claimed to see the undead at the end of the wall that meets the river. In order words, the hell he saw in the flames caused him to become a believer. Personally, I believe the Lord of Light to be the most powerful god, as only his strength has been shown as significant (no offense to the many faced god).

OK!!! We’re almost there.

Next is Cersei. Sorry, Queen Cersei.

GOT s7 - Cersei.jpg
Queen Cersei Lannister

First of her name – Cersei Lamnister is queen of the Andals and seven (sorry, not more than three) kingdoms. This episode further proves how much of a realist Cersei is. She refuses to mourn To men, claiming that he betrayed her by killing himself. I think it’s because she’s had many years to prepare herself for the loss of her children – between when she heard the prophecy as a young girl and when Joffery died under not-so-questionable circumstances.

Cersei rightly points out that she and her brother, Jamie, the only two Lannisters alive that matter, are surrounded by enemies. This statement was funny as it led to a funnier one where Jaime pointed out that she’s queen of at most three kingdoms and that they’ll need allies being that a mysterious person just wiped out the Freys and their alliance with them. Nice work Arya!

Enter Euron Grey joy – The drunken master of an uncle hell bent on killing his niece and nephew, wants to marry Cersei as his price for helping her out. I find this fascinating because at the end of last season, Euron claimed it was Daenarys he wanted to marry. Hmmm! Cersei unsurprisngly refused his offer as we all know that only Jamie’s **** appeals to her. Euron promises to not stop vying for her affection, or reason, or hand… whatever it is he needs her to consent to his proposal.

And now, the one we’ve been waiting for – Enter Daenarys Stormborn Targayrean.

GOT s7 - Dany arrives Dragon STone.jpg
Daenarys arrives Dragonstone

Been that the episode was named after the place Dany was born, most would have thought it’d feature her most. Trust GOT to always surprise you. Appropriately, Dany ended the episode on a wonderful suspense note. Her words, ‘shall we begin’ will continue to inspire unrest in viewers around the world until the next episode, next Sunday. Dany and her fleet arrive the magnificence that is Dragon Stone. I really appreciated the beauty of the place, and that every corner seemed to be filled with carvings of dragons… TARGAYREANS! Dany has no time for crafts, as she and her trusted advisors head straight for the war room to strategize for battle. Everyone awaits her, Cersei knows she’s coming, and Jon Snow will soon run coming (soon on this).

Before I end this recap I want to commend Sam Tarly on the important role he’s playing in the war to come, his research at the Citadel filled with creepy Maesters is already bearing fruits. Sam discovered that there’s lots of deposit of Dragon-glass underneath… Dragon-stone. Should his message get to Jon as intended, Dany and Jon would be meeting faster than most of us thought possible. All that’s left is for Bran to announce Jon’s true parentage, and let the real fun begin on dragons’ backs.

GOT returns next Sunday at 9 p.m.


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