Rinzy Reviews: American Gods (S1)

Network: Starz

Episodes: 8 // Duration: 55 mins.

Starring: Ian McShane, 


American Gods is another master piece that has taken the world be surprise. The insatiable hunger begins while the strain yo wait for more takes over.

The above is RRs recap for the wonder that was the first season of American Gods (AG).

When AG first started, I had my reservations. It was an extreme slow burner that showed signs of going somewhere , only that the viewer couldn’t really see. I must confess, the person of Ian McShabe kept me hooked, and the characterization of Mad Sweeny. I also had to go online to get a little idea abouy the potential of the show, and I remained onboard. A decision I praise today.

AG is not your conventional show. Very much like HBO’s Westworld, the show is confusing in its own right. All you keep hearing about are the gods who are at war, but you never get to actually see any real action. Most of the beauty of this show was in the dialogue between characters, monologues used as voice over at the beginning of almost every episode, and the beautiful costumes. Star didn’t spare the bank in making sure that this show resonates with fans… a risk that paid off, because the world can’t seem to calm down for a second season.

Who are the American Gods?

They are the gods of the earth. Gods who humans all around the world worshipped and those that are still worship, and their arrival in America.

I know the above might be confusing, let me further clarify.

There are two camps of gods here:

  1. The old gods
  2. The new gods.

As their name implies, the old gods are fast fading away, mostly shadows of their former selves as the world has moved on and has almost entirely stopped worshipping them. The gods here range from, Odin, the Norse war god, to Bilquis, a god whose worship is expressed through sexual pleasure, Vulcan, the volcano god, etc. The classification of the new is where it gets interesting. The new gods are the manifestation of new ideas that have taken over the world. In this case we have, Mr. World, Tech boy, Fashion, Social media, etc.

Both factions are obviously strained and as Mr. Wednesday (Ian NcShane’s character) always mentioned, war loomed.

Mr. Wednesday (finally revealed at the season finale tone Odin) recruited a certain mysterious man, fresh out of prison, by the name Shadow Moon, to be his right hand man. For the better part of the season, Wednesday thought it wise to let Shad own witness all the WTF happenings of the god and yet not reveal his real nature to him. He did save the reveal for the best possible time though. AG hasn’t yet told us why Shadow’s so important to Wednesday’s plans, something I feel will be addressed in the second season. This lag hasn’t stopped diehard fans from theorizing to the best of their abilities how Shadow factors in. What we do authoritatively know from the show is that Wednesday had Mad Sweeny kill Shadow’s wife to make him broken and at a state where he could easily offer his life to the services of the Norse god.

Laura (Shadow’s wife or Dead wife, as Mad Sweeny calls her) forced the truth out of the latter, an information she has going into the new season. Though such information seems pretty useless as Shadow finally confessed to Wednesday that he believed; a profession that obviously empowered Wednesday into his state as Odin to incapacitate the many minions of Mr. World present. It means that Laura’s discovery and subsequent conversation with Shadow might not do much to sway Wednesday’s plans which is already in motion. This is bad needs for Laura because whatever magic is keeping her undead isn’t stopping her corpse from decaying: she’s alive thanks to a certain powerful coin from Mad Sweeny but her body is still a decomposing corpse.
There are so much dynamics to the story, many gods already introduced and more still to come to factor into the coming war, AG keeps looking promising.

American Gods will return sometime in 2018 on Starz.


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