TV Review: Power (S04 E02)

Things are really looking bad for James St. Patrick. And Angela too.

For this review I’ll just be asking questions.

  • Do you think Angela really believes Jamie killed Greg?
  • Do you think Tommy will go down this season because of his relationship with Jamie?
  • Do you think Mike will be caught?
  • Do you think Mike will kill Angela as he did Greg Knox?

These and many more are the questions I got stuck with after watching this episode. 

Jamie has been authorized for the death penalty should the jury prove his guilty of the crime of murder. This all but adds more layer of trouble to this man.

I also want to comment on the long overdue stupidity exhibited by Tariq. Jamie’s oldest child and only son has shown to be very stupid. Too stupid for a child his age. As expected, Tasha seems to be the one suffering the most. Personally, I feel Tasha should be voted the best wife of the year.

Power returns next Sunday on Starz.


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