TV Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S04 E20)

We’re almost at the end of the season, and I must confess, we’ve had a wonderful ride.

After spending lots of time in the Framework we’re back to the real world, short one major character.

For things to have happened this way, Alastair Fitz had to die. His death angered Evil Fitz so much that he sought to end Jemma, bringing his undoing in the Framework. Bad news is that, Aida is now a breathing living being; a human without obvious powers of teleportation.

 We’re few weeks away from the season finale and I still have some expectations. I hope the story goes full circle. It has almost achieved this purpose; bringing back the Darkholme as the power behind Project Looking Glass. What I still hope for, is to see Ghostrider again. Robbie Reyes Ghostrider was the character that brought back eager interest of many fans to AoS. And lest I forget, the major character left behind in the Framework is Mack.

After figuring out the new location of the backdoor from Radcliffe, Daisy convinced most of her teammates (even where necessary to do so with lies) to go there with her, Radcliffe used deceit to get an angry Fitz who wanted to kill Jemma there. Mack refused to take the leap of faith, saying that his daughter, Hope, is alive to him in this world; no matter who it was waiting for him on the other side he couldn’t live in a world without Hope. Daisy respected his wish (to my disapproval). Time would tell if he’d remain there, or of it’s another plot to further the story.

AoS continues Tuesday on ABC

The Flash: Savitar unmasked

Over the course of The Flash’s current (3rd) season one mystery has taken central stage just like the previous two seasons, and it was about in masking the big bad – Savitar. In last night’s episode (E20), Savitar was finally revealed. Some viewers might be satisfied with the revelation, others  not so much. Maybe it didn’t go down well with your theory, maybe it did, but Savitar is none other than Barry Allen. At least some version of him. The next question now is, was the reveal worth it? 

Many viewers thought Savitar was either going to be Ronnie or Wally, because of the many tricks the producers played in toying with the future. A few went with the option that his version of Harrison Wells was yet another villain. Another faction did support the idea that Barry was both the hero and the villain of this season, citing the issue of the time remnant he created when he defeated Zoom. Only time will give us the explanation.

The Flash continues next Tuesday on The CW.

The Originals (S04 E06)

The threat of The Hollow keeps getting bigger.

With Marcel Gerald still in captivity, Klaus decided to throw a party with Elijah to lure servants of the Hollow. Easily predictable is the fact that The Originals ended up being played. We’ll find out how soon.

Remember Josh? The gay vampire guy who was Davina’s BFF. Yes, that guy. He returned in this episode. For one thing, I do like as he’s not being strung along for the sake of having him on the show. Most of his scenes used to be ones that tied with Davina’s, and with Davina dead, Josh has been missing almost all season. Well, Josh was invited to the party thrown by the Mickelson’s for masquerading that all was well between them and clan Marcel. Marcel’s lover (I really need to stop forgetting her name) needed Josh to attend as his plus one in order to find out where the Mickelson’s were holding the most powerful vampire hostage.

Hope is missing from the episode, and I’ll say it’s a disappointment: I’m still waiting for the awesome Witch, Vampire, Werewolf hybridized power promised with this abberation. Keeping her away from our screens week after week isn’t helping with the anticipation one bit. Hayley on the other hand was on a mission to know more about her parents. Naturally, she sought out Freya’s help. This led to one major revelation about the Hollow and its plans to return to the land of the living. More on this later.

The last faction of the episode is the one where Vincent is still collaborating with Klaus and Elijah to save the city from the ancient evil that is the Hollow. Vincent discovered the high priest of the Hollow. The high priest gave Elijah a choice – turn over Vincent and Marcel and the Hollow will spare the Mikelsons. Elijah (who’s acting more like Klaus now) responds by killing the high priest publicly for all of their guests to see. They do learn in time that the talk with the high priest was all a ruse for the other (many) servants of the Hollow to steal Papa Tunde’s blade. Now, Papa Tunde’s blade is revealed to be one of four bones required by the Hollow’s disciples to raise their master. Things are turning out to be more interesting, though as I said before, at a slow rate.

The Originals airs Fridays on The CW