TV Trailer: DC’s Black Lightening

After teasing its production and order to series for several months, The CW finally released the first trailer for the new series yesterday. Click here to watch it.

From the trailer, the man we’ll come to know as the titular hero agreed to drop the mantle of hero for a simple life as a Principal for the love of his daughters and wife. But as things get worse in the community he picks up the mantle once again to set things right. It all sounds simple until reasons for his change of heart are been factored in, of which I can boldly say will have to do with the safety of his daughters.

Black Lightening as played by Cress William

This fall just got a whole lot more interesting on The CW. Though rumors now claim this show will exist independently of the other DC CW properties, but time ill tell for how long.

TV Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S04 E22) – season finale

All season I’ve been full of praise for this season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Tuesday’s finale didn’t disappoint at all. The three not so separate pods (Ghostrider, LMD, The Framework) all came together for one befitting, finely interwoven episode that put everything to a comfortable end.

So, after last week’s final episode’s appearance from Ghostrider, it will he best to say he owned this episode. If his confirmation that there’s some sort of mulitverse in the MCU is anything to go by, season five promises to be AoS’ biggest yet.

The epic confrontation that was Aida vs Ghostrider was a delight to watch at every scene they featured. The fear on Mallory Jansen (Aida’s actress’) face was beautifully crafted at every point of confrontation. I must say that Mallory is a very talented actress who I hope gets better and bigger gigs after this.

There’s the issue with S.H.I.E.L.D. and its public image. The show features this long time storyline but this time ups its game by putting the life of the only military person on their side in grave danger – General Talbot. Aida’s big play was to use one of those Daisy LMDs to shoot Talbot in front of a dozen eye witnesses and a CCTV camera. Though I’m still wondering why he’d survive a shot to the head… but… it’s all good.

The average human has a lot of emotions  all trying to outweigh itself. The one Team Shield uses to defeat Aida is fear. Fear of the Ghostrider. Fear of been alone and responding with revenge against Fitz for choosing Jemma over her. When Aida takes away her frustrations on Jemma to better send Fitz nuts, it’s those actions that sent Aida to her grave (one she deserved). In one surprising twist, Ghostrider inside Coulson (surprise, surprise) puts an end to Aida. I must comment here that every scene that had Ghostrider in was awesome, beautiful CGI, impressive performance from Gabriel Luna.

I noticed though that Antoine and the either LMDs specially created by Aida weren’t destroyed this season. Time will tell if they’ll feature in season five’s story. And talking about season five, at the last moments of the season, it’s obvious we’re going to space – a certain set of men (could be aliens behind those fleshes) arrest them, only for Coulson in particular to be shown waking up inside a containment in space.

I applaude Jed Whedon and his team for the success of this season, and hope by the time AoS returns midseason, January 2018, they’ll continue with more awesome stories.

Tell me what you thought about this episode.

Rinzy Reviews: Logan

Release date: March 10, 2017

Production Studio: Fox

Budget: $97m

Box Office: $606.6m

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Peter Stewart, Dafne Keen, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5


After 17 years, Hugh Jackman takes bow. And his swansong was worth it.

When the Xmen universe started in 2000, it was the redefinition that the comic book movies needed at that time. The franchise is very much relevant till this moment, with about 9 movies released, a TV show already aired and about 2 in the works, the Xmen don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Logan is set in the year 2029. The titular character, Logan, now goes by his birth name, James Howlett. A lot has changed, and the world seems like it’s living in the days of its former glories. Logan lives with an aged Professor Charles Xavier – appropriately referred to as the world’s most wanted nonagenarian. Charles’ powers are very much unstable now as a result of age. He lives on sedatives that numb the use of his powers; should they wear off the effect is a destablizing mind shattering feel, same thing that’s implied killed the other mutants.


The storyline borders the fact that Logan (now a Chauffeur) discovers he has a daughter, Laura. She’s the product of a lab experimentation by an organization headed by a man called Xander Rice. Logan meets Laura through a woman who used to work at the lab. She took Laura with her when the Rice ordered the extermination of the young mutants.

The relationship between father and daughter is very much strained. Even though Logan is now an old version of the stubborn man he used to be, he sees a lot of his young self in Laura, a fact well pointed out by Charles. Logan shoes a lot of animosity towards Laura – a fact I believe is of two reasons:

  • because he felt threatened at the possiblity Laura was a better version of himself.
  • Or, the more tangible reason – he wasn’t ready for the responsiblity of being a father, and now he was one out of the blues.


How did it go from here?

The producers of the movie did so well keeping the biggest part of the movie a secret until its release. The main villain of the movie was Logan. Or at least, a version of himself called, X-24.

The same experimentation that birth Laura was also modified to birth a younger, more brutal and effective version of Logan. At the point the movie began, most of the mutants of the world had been killed (as I said earlier), Logan is nothing but a wasted version of his old self. He isn’t healing as fast as he used to, his strength his failing him and it’s all because of the metal that made him special – the adamantium grafted on his skeleton is poisoning his blood.

X-24 has all the strength of the Logan we remember; he also uses less words, and is exceptionally brutal. I must say here that the R-rating of the story made him this movie better to watch.

The scene X-24 was revealed to us also doubles as the scene Professor Charles was killed. That heartbreaking scene, I had to rewatch again and again. Worse was when the camera tilted upwards and revealed the face of his killer as Logan. Scratch that, it revealed the face of his killer as a younger version of Logan; and I was like mehn!

That scene soon led to the first epic battle between Logan and X-24. This movies show how far Logan and Charles have come; the love between this two can be equated to the kind between a father and son – just as they claimed to be to that unfortunate family that died because of them.

Charles’ death was a big blow to Logan, and led to other scenes that culminated with Logan’s death. X-24 also died.

Logan’s death was inevitable, but I can’t help but feel Laura wasn’t given the best plain of existence as at the end of the movie. In fact, all those other kids weren’t left at a good place. With no notable mutant alive (to our knowledge) to provide them shelter, love, protection, I can’t help but wonder how life will be for them.

Trailer: The Gifted

Fox released a trailer for the upcoming Xmen series titled, The Gifted. The story follows a family whose life begins to change. A man who haunts mutants suddenly discovers that his son and daughter are also mutants (newly discovered). He takes his entire family and goes on the run, banding with other runaways to survive.
The premise makes sense and I can’t wait to watch it.

Watch the trailer here.

Supernatural has indeed lost its way.

In the year 2005, a TV show was borne. it brought with it a promise – one that assured quality entertainment. After 12 years it’s still on air: a feat so rare. That’s the tale of Supernatural, a show 7 seasons past what its creator envisioned.

Recently I binge watched the show again, from its pilot episode to the most recent, and I couldn’t help but notice that Supernatural’s way pass its glorious days. I echo what I said in my previous post here, it is time to take a bow.

Over the years a lot of big bads have come and gone with their own motivations, from Azazel the yellow eyed demon wanting an army, The Leviathians wanting a constant food supply, Lucifer and the apocalypse, Metatron wanting Heaven all to himself, etc., Supernatural has always been one of the best place to meet memorable villains. My suspisions that the series had neared its end began when season 11 premeiered and revealed the Darkness as the big bad; I knew there was no way God wouldn’t make an appearance. And I also thought, what could be bigger than an epic battle of God vs The Darkness. I must say season 11’s culmination was a dissapointment, and whatever powers that be that wanted Supernatural to continue made the worst decision possible.

Season 12 has been all over the place. It wasn’t able to decide exactly what it wanted to be in the wake of the epic disaster it sort of was last season finale. Not even the surprise return of Mary Winchester (whom no one actually wanted) could salvage whatever dignity this series has left. The British men of letters were introduced earlier on as foes (which I thought smart), then they became allies (sort of), then foes again; hope you’re beginning to understand why I say they’re all over the place. I understanding from the finale’s trailer that they’re allies once again, to take down Lucifer.

 Yes, you heard right, Lucifer. Lucy is still alive and very much around. I agree Mark Pellegrino’s portrayal of the character is one of a kind, but it has been stretched to its limits. I don’t think the character is as appealing as it used to be. And to think that he’s been served to us as the big bad again shows the writers dwindling  creativty. They told us Lucifer impregnated a woman and all his motivatioj this season has been to watch his nephilim child born into this world to follow in daddy’s footstep. Hmmm!

Supernatural has already been renewed for a 13th season, which makes me all but wonder when this torture is going to end. Jensen Ackles (Dean)  and Jared Padalecki (Sam) along with the other talented casts need something more challenging to throw in their expertise. Supernatural is a sinking ship, the faster they get off board the better what’s left of its good old days will be preserved.

Supernatural returns for its final season this Friday on The CW.

TV Review: The Originals (S04 E08)

The history behind The Hollow is reveal, Alaric makes an appearance in New Orleans, and Davina returns.

A lot of interesting things happened in this episode, so so many. Best of the lot is, Hope finally got to use her awesome powers to save her daddy and I loved it.

Remember from last episode Elijah and Freya found out The Lockwoods of Mystic Falls were involved with safeguarding the bones of The Hollow. This episode, Alaric arrived on Klaus’ beckoning to deliver information in his disposal to the identities of family’s bearing other bones. As expected his journey into town didn’t go as smoothly as he’d have hoped.

After exposing Sofia as the new host f The Hollow, team A, which is comprised of Elijah and Marcel hurry to recover the first bone. Sofia attacks again, and even an interception by Hayley (who believes her blood is the key to defeating the enemy) doesn’t go as planned.

Davina in conjunction with the Harvest girls of last week intended to sacrifice Klaus, to fuel the energy needed for Hayley’s blood to destroy The Hollow. This plan doesn’t go so well with The Mikaelsons (Marcel included). Davina decided she can’t wait for her harvest girls to return with The Thorns that can kill an Original. She made Marcel unwillingly donate his venom using magic, and wanted to force it into Klaus’ bloodstream. The timely appearance of Hope caused us not to lose Klaus this episode.

Hope’s powers were awesome. Though for a few seconds, it was the highlight of the episode for me.

Before Davina got vanquished, she did tell the complete tale of The Hollow’s origin. Many years ago, before New Orleans came to be, two family of witches came together to unite their warring factions through marriage. During the nine months of the pregnancy, the witches of the community all imbued magic into the unborn child. After birthing, the child (girl) showed so much pleasure in killing that her community gave her the name, The Hollow. They had to put her down. The elders of the community imbued an axe with a fraction of their magic, and had her mother deal the final blow. Before that, the Hollow recited a spell to be activated upon her death. The spell caused every tribe present there to turn into wolves – thus starting the different werewolf bloodline. Hayley’s bloodline is special because she stems from the family of the Hollow’s mother, thus she and Hope can kill the enemy.

This history made sense. But it also means that all werewolves are all from witches bloodlines since their ancestors were originally witches. Witches rule this show.

Surprisingly, the last seconds of the episode had a surprise – The apparent death of Elijah. After Hayley made Elijah see reason to returning the dagger that could kill Marcel to him, he arrived the apartment only to be greeted by a stake full of those thorns, into his back. Courtesy, The Hollow.

Things are very much heated up now!

The Originals returns this Friday on The CW.

AoS: Aida has always been the Big-bad.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s time is almost over for this season. Worse is, no announcement has yet been made about a renewal for season 5. RR does believe we’ll make it into the new season.

I haven’t stopped pouring praises to the storyline this season: it has been a huge upgrade from last season (which was also awesome.)

When the season started, AIDA (stands for Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistance) was thought to be a good guy of some sort, but by the time the Darkholme was introduced we could see she was deep into a mission (with Radcliffe), but time also revealed her to be after goals of her own that shamed her creator. Now, AIDA is a living breating bring, which makes me feel I should begin to refer to her as Aida and not the acronym.

After the escape from the Framework, it was shown Aida had the power of teleportation. Every fan of AoS knows that such power can only be had if one is an Inhuman. After showing so much hate against Inhumans inside the Framework as Madame Hydra one would think she hated then totally. But that’s not true. Aida had Fitz experiment on Inhumans to understand how to code there abilities into humans, and that’s exactly what she did to her new vessel.

In this week’s episode 21, Aida demonstrated three abilities:

  1. Teleportation – Similar to Gordon’s. Gordon was one of the leaders of the Afterlife in season 2.
  2. Electricity – Similar to Lincoln, Daisy’s late boyfriend.
  3. Healing factor – This makes us remember The Wolverine.

Aida is total badass. Fitz finally recovered frim his hangover and chose Jemma over Aida, and she is angry. Thank God Ghost rider is back, I feel only he has the power to put Aida to shame.

AoS returns on ABC.