The Widow vs Tilda

AMC’s Into The Badlands was one of the new shows of 2015 that had in it surprisingly fresh breath. It came as no surprise when fans clamoured heavily for the return of the show that put martial art at the forefront once again. With so many compelling characters it’s difficult to decide on which to love exceedingly. Fortunately or so, today our attention is on The Widow and her household.

The Widow (Minerva) has been one woman who’s fierce and a perfect example of what women strength should be. So fierce is her resolve to do things right by her believe and all she holds strong that she’s ready to sacrifice whatever it is that stands in the way of this dream – including the daughter we all thought was her all in all. 

Tilda has been an echo of confusion this season. Her allegiance to the Widow shown to be shaky from the very beginning of the season, culminating with the various inputs she’s been getting from various sources, including her new female love interest.

Next episode should reveal how much of damage their confrontation has cause to The Widow’s cause.

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