Rinzy Reviews: Logan

Release date: March 10, 2017

Production Studio: Fox

Budget: $97m

Box Office: $606.6m

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Peter Stewart, Dafne Keen, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5


After 17 years, Hugh Jackman takes bow. And his swansong was worth it.

When the Xmen universe started in 2000, it was the redefinition that the comic book movies needed at that time. The franchise is very much relevant till this moment, with about 9 movies released, a TV show already aired and about 2 in the works, the Xmen don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Logan is set in the year 2029. The titular character, Logan, now goes by his birth name, James Howlett. A lot has changed, and the world seems like it’s living in the days of its former glories. Logan lives with an aged Professor Charles Xavier – appropriately referred to as the world’s most wanted nonagenarian. Charles’ powers are very much unstable now as a result of age. He lives on sedatives that numb the use of his powers; should they wear off the effect is a destablizing mind shattering feel, same thing that’s implied killed the other mutants.


The storyline borders the fact that Logan (now a Chauffeur) discovers he has a daughter, Laura. She’s the product of a lab experimentation by an organization headed by a man called Xander Rice. Logan meets Laura through a woman who used to work at the lab. She took Laura with her when the Rice ordered the extermination of the young mutants.

The relationship between father and daughter is very much strained. Even though Logan is now an old version of the stubborn man he used to be, he sees a lot of his young self in Laura, a fact well pointed out by Charles. Logan shoes a lot of animosity towards Laura – a fact I believe is of two reasons:

  • because he felt threatened at the possiblity Laura was a better version of himself.
  • Or, the more tangible reason – he wasn’t ready for the responsiblity of being a father, and now he was one out of the blues.


How did it go from here?

The producers of the movie did so well keeping the biggest part of the movie a secret until its release. The main villain of the movie was Logan. Or at least, a version of himself called, X-24.

The same experimentation that birth Laura was also modified to birth a younger, more brutal and effective version of Logan. At the point the movie began, most of the mutants of the world had been killed (as I said earlier), Logan is nothing but a wasted version of his old self. He isn’t healing as fast as he used to, his strength his failing him and it’s all because of the metal that made him special – the adamantium grafted on his skeleton is poisoning his blood.

X-24 has all the strength of the Logan we remember; he also uses less words, and is exceptionally brutal. I must say here that the R-rating of the story made him this movie better to watch.

The scene X-24 was revealed to us also doubles as the scene Professor Charles was killed. That heartbreaking scene, I had to rewatch again and again. Worse was when the camera tilted upwards and revealed the face of his killer as Logan. Scratch that, it revealed the face of his killer as a younger version of Logan; and I was like mehn!

That scene soon led to the first epic battle between Logan and X-24. This movies show how far Logan and Charles have come; the love between this two can be equated to the kind between a father and son – just as they claimed to be to that unfortunate family that died because of them.

Charles’ death was a big blow to Logan, and led to other scenes that culminated with Logan’s death. X-24 also died.

Logan’s death was inevitable, but I can’t help but feel Laura wasn’t given the best plain of existence as at the end of the movie. In fact, all those other kids weren’t left at a good place. With no notable mutant alive (to our knowledge) to provide them shelter, love, protection, I can’t help but wonder how life will be for them.


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