TV Review: The Originals (S04 E08)

The history behind The Hollow is reveal, Alaric makes an appearance in New Orleans, and Davina returns.

A lot of interesting things happened in this episode, so so many. Best of the lot is, Hope finally got to use her awesome powers to save her daddy and I loved it.

Remember from last episode Elijah and Freya found out The Lockwoods of Mystic Falls were involved with safeguarding the bones of The Hollow. This episode, Alaric arrived on Klaus’ beckoning to deliver information in his disposal to the identities of family’s bearing other bones. As expected his journey into town didn’t go as smoothly as he’d have hoped.

After exposing Sofia as the new host f The Hollow, team A, which is comprised of Elijah and Marcel hurry to recover the first bone. Sofia attacks again, and even an interception by Hayley (who believes her blood is the key to defeating the enemy) doesn’t go as planned.

Davina in conjunction with the Harvest girls of last week intended to sacrifice Klaus, to fuel the energy needed for Hayley’s blood to destroy The Hollow. This plan doesn’t go so well with The Mikaelsons (Marcel included). Davina decided she can’t wait for her harvest girls to return with The Thorns that can kill an Original. She made Marcel unwillingly donate his venom using magic, and wanted to force it into Klaus’ bloodstream. The timely appearance of Hope caused us not to lose Klaus this episode.

Hope’s powers were awesome. Though for a few seconds, it was the highlight of the episode for me.

Before Davina got vanquished, she did tell the complete tale of The Hollow’s origin. Many years ago, before New Orleans came to be, two family of witches came together to unite their warring factions through marriage. During the nine months of the pregnancy, the witches of the community all imbued magic into the unborn child. After birthing, the child (girl) showed so much pleasure in killing that her community gave her the name, The Hollow. They had to put her down. The elders of the community imbued an axe with a fraction of their magic, and had her mother deal the final blow. Before that, the Hollow recited a spell to be activated upon her death. The spell caused every tribe present there to turn into wolves – thus starting the different werewolf bloodline. Hayley’s bloodline is special because she stems from the family of the Hollow’s mother, thus she and Hope can kill the enemy.

This history made sense. But it also means that all werewolves are all from witches bloodlines since their ancestors were originally witches. Witches rule this show.

Surprisingly, the last seconds of the episode had a surprise – The apparent death of Elijah. After Hayley made Elijah see reason to returning the dagger that could kill Marcel to him, he arrived the apartment only to be greeted by a stake full of those thorns, into his back. Courtesy, The Hollow.

Things are very much heated up now!

The Originals returns this Friday on The CW.


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