TV Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S04 E20)

We’re almost at the end of the season, and I must confess, we’ve had a wonderful ride.

After spending lots of time in the Framework we’re back to the real world, short one major character.

For things to have happened this way, Alastair Fitz had to die. His death angered Evil Fitz so much that he sought to end Jemma, bringing his undoing in the Framework. Bad news is that, Aida is now a breathing living being; a human without obvious powers of teleportation.

 We’re few weeks away from the season finale and I still have some expectations. I hope the story goes full circle. It has almost achieved this purpose; bringing back the Darkholme as the power behind Project Looking Glass. What I still hope for, is to see Ghostrider again. Robbie Reyes Ghostrider was the character that brought back eager interest of many fans to AoS. And lest I forget, the major character left behind in the Framework is Mack.

After figuring out the new location of the backdoor from Radcliffe, Daisy convinced most of her teammates (even where necessary to do so with lies) to go there with her, Radcliffe used deceit to get an angry Fitz who wanted to kill Jemma there. Mack refused to take the leap of faith, saying that his daughter, Hope, is alive to him in this world; no matter who it was waiting for him on the other side he couldn’t live in a world without Hope. Daisy respected his wish (to my disapproval). Time would tell if he’d remain there, or of it’s another plot to further the story.

AoS continues Tuesday on ABC


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