So Far This Season: The Originals

So last week we didn’t get a mee episode for The Originals. Very sad. But on the bright side, we get to talk about the season.

So far so good:

For a season truncated to thirteen episodes, the pacing has been fair. There’s just one big bad (I think), and were almost half way through the season, yet, the identity and true motive of The Hollow still eludes us. In fact, more treachery and hidden agendas of supposed players are still being revealed. I’m talking about Marcel’s new love interest with a vendetta against Klaus.

I don’t get why Rebecca and Kol entering and leaving per season. For goodness’ sake, this is The Originals, and not Klaus, Elijah and Hayley’s diary. If Cami and Davina hadn’t being given the mercy killing they’d have also made the list of eponymous diaries which is frustrating because I want me some more Originals, and not wannabes. I want Mikael (which has happened for half an episode), I want Esther, even Dahlia. I want everyone except Finn (unless he’s possessing Vincent again).

And talking about Finn. I thought the show wanted to give him a love interest; its been years since Eva left him for the darkness of the Hollow, and I’m certain he has needs. The needful should be done ASAP. I don’t really like Maxine, but if it’ll stop him from being a tertiary monk, I support 100%. Here’s me hoping the show does the needful.

As for Freya and her new catch, all I’ll say is, let’s see where it goes.

The intrigue behind the Hollow’s mystery has been refreshing to follow, but each time I remember we’re few episodes to the season finale I get understandably uneasy. I want to see heads roll, vampires get staked, witches burnt at the stake, and werewolves cursed to remain in wolf form. I want all the joyous chaos and sharp twists The Originals is revered for.


The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.


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