Rinzy Reviews: Preacher (S1)

There’s a Preacher in town doing marvelous things. His name is Jesse Castor, and he isn’t the Christ.

Original Network: AMC

Episodes Duration: 55 mins

Starring: Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, etc.

Rinzy’s Ratings: 4/5


For long time fans of the Preacher comics, the news that it was going to be produced end into a live action TV show must have been good news. For others (like myself) who knew nothing about it until we tuned in for the first episode, we are hooked. I did a little research and learnt that this first season is more like a prequel to all the badass actions and adventures known by its comic fans. This means there’s more adventure to look forward to.

Jesse Castor is not everyday bad boy. An example of one who lives his roots at the village for greener pastures, only to return to his roots to fulfil his father’s dying wish. The best way Jesse knew to do this was by becoming what the town needed most at that time, a Preacher to tell all their sad tales and confide in. Something made Jesse extra special, so special that an entity, a weird force that caused many other preachers around the world (including Tom Cruise) to explode on possession of their body. This entity (known as Genesis) gave Jesse a gift – a twisted means of compelling people to exert the deepest part of their freewill, as could be seen from Mr. Odin Quincanon deviant behaviour after Jesse commands him to serve God.

Jesse has sidekicks:

  • Tulip – A lady from his past with whom he has a sort of on/off relationship.
  • Cassidy – An Irish vampire who’s on the run from people of his own.

With these two around (especially Cassidy) Jesse’s life gets extra interesting. There are also Angels after him, to recover Genesis from its host. Jesse learns of the actual existence of God, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Sapphires, and the existence of other ethereal beings. Jesse is of the believe that Genesis possessing him is for a greater purpose, one of God’s orchestration.

Preacher full cast.jpg
Preacher’s full cast.

Tulip, though unwilling at first to allow Jesse’s resolve to live as a preacher slide, she learns to accept that the Jesse she knows might just be gone, and just moves with the tide with hope that he might one day come back to his senses.

Moving on, especially as we await the next season, Jesse has a lot of things to look out for:

  • God’s whereabout.
  • Eugene’s whereabout – A boy who Jesse unwittingly sent to Hell
  • The Devil of Hell – He was contracted by the Angels after Genesis.

The story is far from over. To me, Preacher is just getting started.


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