The Originals (S04 E05)

The Hollow is.coming for y’all.

After the epic close to last week’s episode, this one was well anticipated. As seen, Klaus and Marcel were infected by the Hollow, the only difference was in how each man fought off its effect.

Klaus, ever the tough bastard, he first brought in the high resistance needed to fight off the Hollow in the form of Mikael (yes, Sebastian Roche makes an appearance as Papa Mickelson). Klaus’ resistance pays off until the Hollow proves to him that it is no child’s play, by messing with his head, showing him images of people he loves dead and also threatening him with the one thing Klaus loves the most – Hope.

Marcel on the other hand confessed to his not-so trustworthy girlfriend that he believes himself infected by the Hollow. Come to think of it, Marcel’s lover’s back story hasn’t been addressed yet. I have a feeling the wait will soon be over. After consultations with a witch on recommendation, Marcel proves himself to be the stronger one against the Hollow’s effect in the forms of Klaus and Elijah. This toughness starts to fade during the confrontation with Klaus, because Klaus refuses to exercise chill.

The Hollow does want both super powerful beings dead, for their supernatural strengths (magic). Klaus figures this out, and spares Marcel’s life.

Klaus is only able to spare Marcel because he now has a means to kill him, courtesy of Freya. Freya has proven herself too resourceful, and she has her former captive, Keelin the Wolf-girl to thank for her efficiency. At this point, I don’t doubt both ladies are going to end up together, the chemistry and sexual tension is undeniable. I do have a problem with how Freya, who’s obviously straight would suddenly turn gay without reasonable time for whatever hate she once felt to bloosom into friendship and then intimacy.

At the end of the episode, the Hollow is once again stalled from its return to earth. A lot of new information are revealed, including how the Hollow’s responsible for Hayley’s parents and extended family’s deaths. This opens the story to a whole new possibility, including why it might be after Hope. The Hollow’s appearance is also revealed to be as a result of Davina destroying the spirit world in season 3; meaning the Hollow has had five years to manipulate people towards its imminent release this season. 

One more thing, Marcel’s girlfriend is finally revealed to be in service of the Hollow, as she plans her revenge against Klaus for a crime we haven’t been let into yet. I’ve always been of the opinion that The Originals’ 1000 years history makes the possibilities of enemies endless. I’d love to see how her revenge plot goes from here, especially as the Hollow has rewarded her and the witches’ service with a crown of thorns: one scratch can kill an Original.

 The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.


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