Rinzy Reviews: Taboo (season one)

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5
Original Network: BBC One, FX.
Original Air-date: Jan. 7 – Mar.


Taboo is everything a TV series should be; dark, mysterious, captivating. Tom Hardy brings his best in terms of story-telling, script-writing, directing, producing, and acting. If ever there was a definition for all round packaging in the movie world, this was Hardy’s resume; the job that’ll announce far and wide that this was a man of many talents, not just acting.

Luckily, this job resonates with many, RR included.

I must confess, when Taboo started I had hopes to binge-watch at a later date only because it was a passionate project of Tom Hardy. Having followed his top deliveries in recent years (The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury, etc.) it is hard to dispute my interest. But then, I had not much expectations being that I didn’t really know well how such genre went. So, with an open mind I started to watch Taboo, and episode after episode I got more invested.

Tom Hardy portrays James Keziah Delaney, the mysterious only son of a rich and wealthy man. Once thought dead after a self-imposed exile to Africa, James returns at the death of his father, with an agenda of his own – To resurrect his father’s trading company against all forms of attacks from The East Indian Trading Company, The Americans, and The British Crown. Against all odds, James really holds his ground, proving himself a formidable foe against the big-wigs, especially The East Indian Trading Company which is easily revered as a god because of their wealth and wide reach. James was well believed by many to be the Devil – a title he earned by tales of his escapades in far away Africa, supported by his many devious acts upon his return. He eats flesh, he digs his teeth deep into the jugular artery of victims, he even has sex without being in the same room as his partner. His many pervertious acts cause many to fear him, and those who know him avoid him with reasonable distance. Of the many affected by this his gruesome nature is his half-sister cum lover, Zilpha, whose marriage suffers a reasonable depth because of James refusing to accept that what they shared died the ten years he was away. I must admit that the chemistry between both siblings is undeniably high that along the way we’re talking about the taboo that is blasphemy. At a point, I found myself rooting that Zilpha’s husband die so that both end up together, and when he finally does its gloom and doom all the way for her pitiable character. It’s a pity James with his magical mysteries couldn’t save her.

Finally, the battle of egos come to a full head on when James proves himself the smarter one to escape all trio of his rivals – the Americans, the Crown, and the Company. With the death of most of the players this season, we’ll be seeing lots of new faces by the time the series returns for the second season; something tells me the bigger boys will be involved, e.g. The men behind the Company, etc.

Taboo! (4).jpg
Tom Hardy as James Keziah Delaney

I really enjoyed Taboo. It was very intriguing, captivating, and thoroughly enjoyable; it wouldn’t take a genius to realize this was a passionate project, and Tom Hardy nailed it. According to James Delaney, this time, the story is moving from his father to his mother, and there’s a whole lot to look forward to. I do hope it returns early for its second season, this time, I won’t waste time following it this time.


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