Prison Break (S05 E02)

Fan favorite TV series is off to a good start, still reeling on the awesomeness of its premiere last week (Read the recap here).

This episode is titled Kaniel Outis, which is the name Michael Socofield now answers I’m every document available.

Who is Kaniel Outis? – He is a criminal, a murderer, a bad man. And now, Michael Scofield is him, which makes me believe he is Michael Scofield (my early theory).

Michael Scofield as Kaniel Outis in Ogygia prison

The series makes an early suggestion that Michael might be behind the change of identity as insinuated by the man with many lives, Kellerman. Sara goes to see a social worker who turned out to be him. He forwards Michael photo evidences of Michael killing the Deputy chief of the CIA

Meanwhile, Lincoln and C-note work tirelessly towards getting leads on how best to rescue Michael.

Michael on his own appears to be cozy and very comfortable with his selfmate. This prison is a far cry from the beauty that was Fox River (in season one). This prison is hot, tough, and rough. Story-wise, it would have been impossible to have Sucre as Michael’s cellmate; his present bunkie can only hope to be a fraction of the entertainment bundle his predecessor was.

Michael does prove himself to still be the bundle of intelligence he is, a genius; by perfectly orchastrating events that’ll lead to his release from Ogygia Prison, even if it means being in bed with a terrorist.

This episode was decent, purposely forwarding most myths of the season established last week.

Prison Break airs Tuesdays on Fox.


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