TV Review: The Originals (S04 E04)


Finally, the blue light villain for this season gets a name – The Hollow!

After it took The Originals more than a year to return to our screens, many were worried, most thought it signaled the end of the series or lack of creative spark to make the season intriguing enough to enjoy. I’m glad to tell you that the latter isn’t the case.
This season has taken its time but it is for a good reason – I can see it now: get us to experience the new dynamic within The Mikaelsons with regards to Hope, and watch as a force that loves eating children comes to tear it apart. Most of the episode’s snarky comments went directed to Marcel and his tyrant-like rule over the whole of New Orleans… the witches do not like him, and certainly not the wolves. As one of the angry parties rightly remarked – New Orleans belongs to all of us! – Marcel’s remorse could clearly be seen, which makes me wonder where he’ll end up by the and of the season: probably truly dead, should Freya succeed with the cure to his immortality she’s working on.

Talking about Freya, this episode gave me a particular vibe with respect to her story-line. I feel the Producer’s want to make her and Keelin (the wolf-girl)  a couple. It could just be me, maybe both actress just have strong writing, or it’s the writing trying to tease us to know fans’ opinion before a final decision is made. Whichever is the case, time will tell if lovely Freya is now into girls.

There’s one thing I can’t seem to understand, and that is Will’s (the police-man) sudden change from the side of good to bad – I mean, what was his driving force? I remember when he was introduced, he was this naive cop who was just a pawn in the hands of the supernaturals, but now, he willingly wants to kill children in service for the ‘greater-good’ of a blue-light evil. I hope even though he’s dead (might not truly be dead) the reasons for his actions will be revisited.

By the end of the episode, Klaus and Marcel were taken over by the Hollow (the blue-light); the major focus of the episode was thwarting the Hollow from having a foot-hold in this world, but after witnessing Marcel and Klaus’ eyes turn blue it is obvious they failed. Hope’s scream that ended the episode will certainly attract Hayley and Elijah to the scene, and one can only hope Hope doesn’t get hurt in the scuffle that ensures.

The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.


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