Prison Break returns with a BANG!

OK! I took my time before finally watching the premiere episode of Prison Break S05, but I must say – this show has been missed.

Rarely do we have a series continue after seven years hiatus; Prison Break defied those odds, and had Michael Scofield returned to us in all his glory. Thank you, Wentworth Millar.

The first minute and half reminds us of all that’s happened in past season (though mostly footage from season one) and wastes no time bringing us up to speed with the lives of our beloved characters.

In present day a lot has been happening:

Lincoln Burrows isn’t yet living a quiet life. He still goes about owing people money: the same kind of lifestyle that got him into the mess of season one.

Sara is married to someone else, and is living a quiet life with the son she had with Michael.

Other old characters make a return:

C-Note is now a religious man, working at a mosque and doing good things, though he still got the thug life in him. Sucre also makes a return. He wants to help out but Lincoln doesn’t allow him.

T-bag, just out of prison, discovers a parcel that indicates Michael’s alive. He visits and hands it over to Lincoln, who wastes no time in doing same to Sara. Sara plays the strong woman – the one who’s had seven years to difficultly move on from a perfect love.

Lincoln discovers a hidden message embedded in the parcel and discovers the where Michael is if truly he’s alive – Ogygia Prison in Yemen. Because of this, he digs open Michael’s grave and confirms he’s still alive: A dummy was buried in his stead.

The producers waste no time teasing us with the existence of a mysterious power player: One who sent T-bag the parcel and also arranged for a doctor to repair his damaged hand with prosthetic.

Someone (probably the mysterious player) is out to wipe off the squad. Lincoln was attacked: his car hacked into driving full speed till it crashed into a lake. Sarah was also attacked in her home, her new husband shot in the right leg. Two Agents (a man and a woman) mirror the duo agents of season one; they obviously would be working for a powerful player(s), which time will unveil.

Lincoln does a good job heading this premiere – putting the roles in reverse as at when the series first begun in 2006, when Michael was the one trying to get Lincoln out.

By the time Michael is finally revealed at the last few minutes of the episode, it’s obvious someone is trying to make him pay for someone else’s crime. In place of his pictorial credential someone else has his name, and he has someone else’s. Michael doesn’t even make it easier for Lincoln (and even we the viewers) to deal, by refuting the name Michael and ever knowing either Lincoln or C-Note, and requesting to be returned to his cell.

Rash decisions are made, laws broken, and the plot moves forward – just the kind of thing we love about prison break. The series does a good job returning to our screen, establishing a lot of new yet familiar stories to make us clamor and impatiently wait for the next episode.

Prison break airs Mondays on Fox.


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