TV Recap: The Flash (S03 E18)

All hail Killer Frost!

Since The Flash aired in 2014 there has been speculations over when Caitlin Snow would finally take over her comic book alter-ego. Even after a prolonged delay and dillydally over her final allegiance, I’m happy to finally announce that it happened in this episode… somebody please turn on the heat!

The villain of the week is known as Abra Kadabra – and he has history with Gypsy. Kudos to the production team on Kadabra’s futuristic voice; I liked it.

Abra Kadabra in The Flash.

Barry and friends quickly capture Kadabra, and have to contend with Gypsy who wants him in custody for contributing to the death of her late husband. I didn’t particularly enjoy Gypsy in this episode: the purpose of her inclusion wasn’t really a good one.

All this episode did was toil with the idea that Iris could be saved; truthfully, I am tired of hearing this. Most if this season’s episodes have been a bore because of its being centered on saving one person. And, the idea going round that Savitar might be someone the team knows doesn’t sit well with me, I think it’s lazywriting that the story must always come full circle back this kind of reveal – after two seasons with related climax reveals something new is needed.

Around this episode in past seasons anticipation’s already over the top. Truthfully, this season has been a let down and one can only hope it gets better.

The Flash returns April 25, on The CW.

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