TV Recap: Arrow (S05 E18)

At the end of this episode, the SCPD finally knows that Adrian Chase is the Throwing Star Killing a.k.a. Prometheus.

After getting broken by Chase, Oliver wastes no time disbanding Team Arrow. Naturally, this doesn’t go down well with everyone, especially when Oliver invites Anatoly and the rest of the Bratva brotherhood. Diggle doesn’t take this well; he and Oliver clash over differences in belief and how Oliver’s choice to invite Bratva to their battle over his teammates isn’t the best.

Meanwhile, Felicity’s deal with Helix does a lot of good today; they try to connect Prometheus and DA Chase as the same person, which does work. Though it took a lot of work and for Curtis to be roped in, the video evidence of Prometheus unmasking himself to reveal Adrian Chase underneath was gotten and circulated; though it was gotten late – because Chase was already in custody of the Feds to federal protective custody.

At the end of the episode, Chase is a fugitive, Oliver and Anatoly are enemies because of a major fall out, team Arrow is back though without Oliver, and things appear heated as we head into the final lap of the season.

Arrow returns April, 26 on The CW.

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