TV Review: The Originals (s01 E02)

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The Originals continues this season building its new mythology and delivering intriguing storylines.

Klaus got his freedom in this episode. I’m happy at how fast the producers put to rest the issue of his captivity.

Before the rest of the Originals came to his rescue, Klaus, still under the influence of Papa Tunde’s blade conjured Camille in his head to escape the insanity of the blade’s endless torture. I might confess, I wasn’t a fan of Camille because she caused Klaus to lose focus, but it was nice to see her again for a short while.

For the first time in a long while I got to see The Originals together, all lined up – Freya, Kol, Elijah, Klaus, Rebecca, and Hayley, in one scene, ready to fight; to fight Marcel for the freedom of their brother, Klaus. In this season we get the best line of the episode – where Kol bluntly told Marcel he isn’t a Mikaelson an the should get over it.

Marcel finally agreed to let all of them go after much pleading, giving a line just like what Klaus would say – Know you’re alive because I showed you mercy. The catch was that they all leave New Orleans once and for all.

Capture 2.PNG

Addressing the other elephant in the room, the new threat rising up in the witches’ quarter. Though, Hope’s drawings aren’t in this episode, Vincent and Maxine (his new love interest) get a lot of time to shine with respect to this brand of witchcraft. Whatever that light that appeared to Adam (Maxine’s son) last episode, Vincent has history with it, and if what he told Marcel at the end of the episode is anything to go by, the whole of New Orleans is in danger.

This episode does the same thing the premiere episode did – to help establish the new season’s mythology. Things are bound to get further heated up next week.

What did you think about the episode? Let me know in the comment box below.

The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.

2 thoughts on “TV Review: The Originals (s01 E02)”

  1. I hvnt seen this yet but, I think u did a great job in yur delivery. I can almost relate to your review like hv see this before. Great work u r doing here Rizzy! Kip it up.


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