TV Review: Arrow (S05 E17)

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Oliver Queen has failed this city!

Let me reiterate an already established point – Prometheus is a worthy villain for the Green Arrow. His addition to the series has really caused things to be on edge.

This episode saw the return of one familiar face and another not seen in a while. Malcom Merlyn appeared in the flashbacks, and Evelyn Sharp in present time.

Picking up from where the last episode left, Adrian Chase has Oliver in custody, and unapologetically tortures him into confessing – at first, this seemed strange, because I wondered what confession he wanted to hear.

In flashbacks, Oliver killed his current nemesis, and nearly crossed paths with Malcolm, who was in Russia doing business.

Back in the present, Adrian baits Oliver into confessing else he kills Evelyn who’s been missing in action for a while now. Adrian did snap her neck which turned out to be a ruse, but Oliver had already been broken, and let out the shocking confession Adrian wanted to hear – Apparently, Oliver killed people before because he liked it.  Haha!

Arrow - district-attorney-adrian-chase-played-by-josh-segarra.jpg
Adrian Chase on Arrow.

Adrian did let Oliver go as promised, but not after burning off the Bratva tattoo on his chest.

This season has continued on its promise to keep delivering intriguing episodes again and again. Time will tell how Arrow regains his dignity.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.


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